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14 places in Wiltshire getting new Royal Mail parcel postboxes

19 Aug 2019, 15:45 ... postboxes/

FOURTEEN locations around Wiltshire are about to benefit from the biggest change to the Royal Mail postboxes in 160 years – and they’re specifically for parcels.

The new form of postboxes are being rolled out across the country and will now accept parcels just like they do letters.

The postboxes include a wider opening and secure design, ready for pre-paid parcels to be posted at any time, seven days a week. Return parcels will need to have a Royal Mail barcode.

(See the Wiltshire locations on the map at link)

Royal Mail head of campaigns Mark Street said: “The introduction of the first parcel post boxes in the Thames Valley area means that customers can now send parcels with pre-paid postage and their returns in the same way that they do letters.

"The new parcel postboxes provide added flexibility to online sellers who might be running a business in their spare time and not keeping regular office hours."

The launch of parcel postboxes is also one of the biggest innovations in parcels since the launch of Parcel Post in 1883.

Royal Mail revealed today the 14 areas around Wiltshire that are among the first to benefit from the new postboxes

Newcombe Drive
Cheney Manor Road
Dunbeath Road
Crompton Road
Lancaster Mews
Southmead Close
Delta Business Park
Euro Way
Shrivenham Hundred Business Park
Harris Road
Bumpers Way
Leafield Industrial Estate
Hopton Road
Lancaster Road

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