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Royal Mail Transformation for marketplace sellers

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Royal Mail was founded in 1516 as a business delivering letters across the nation. Today parcels are overtaking letters as ecommerce continues to accelerate and many of these purchases are delivered by the nation’s postal service. A multi-year Royal Mail transformation is under to cope with the deluge of parcels so we went to see Natalie Thomas Royal Mail’s Innovation Director, to find out more.

Royal Mail carry more parcels than all other UK carriers put together with 1.3 billion delivered annually and are investing £1.8 billion to improve the service.

Marketplace sellers are already seeing some of the improvements coming from the Royal Mail transformation. They’ve created Click and Drop (allowing you to put your own logo on labels) as well as Pro Shipping. Alongside this new services such as an estimated delivery window the day before, new tracked products with all postal delivery workers having handholds to track deliveries. This has enabled eBay for instance, to protect sellers on-time delivery metrics for items carrying 2D bar codes.

Over the next four years, three new fully automated parcel hubs will go live. This is part of Royal Mail transformation plans for a 2nd day delivery. Consumers are buying ever later in the day and Royal Mail’s second delivery, combined with their investment in parcel hubs, will rush items through the network so if a consumer buys from you in the evening it will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

Another part of the Royal Mail transformation is the Royal Mail app giving up to date delivery notifications and future plans are inflight delivery notifications to keep your customers informed exactly when your products will arrive.

Smaller sellers will appreciate parcel post boxes and in the future collections from home to save trips to the post Office.

Royal Mail Transformation
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