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Woolwich man returns voucher from Royal Mail after 24 letters go missing

15 Aug 2019, 10:22 ... o-missing/

A man from Woolwich is claiming that he and his neighbours have had more than 20 birthday cards and letters go missing in the last six weeks.

Matt Tedford, who lives in a housing development near Royal Arsenal approached News Shopper after a number of cards went missing last month.

He said: "So far the response from Royal Mail has been that they can find no issue in their system but they have put up a sign in the local office reminding staff not to steal post."

In a letter to Matt from Royal Mail, a man called Mario Mouele who deals with customer relations said: "The manager has advised me that a highly visible special instruction card has been placed on the mail preparation framed which will serve as an ongoing reminder."

He goes onto say that management will now conduct regular checks to monitor the situation and ensure that standards are maintained.

However, Matt says that this isn't good enough and the staff should not have to be reminded not to tamper with post.

Matt celebrated his birthday on July 12 this year, but came to realise that at least six cards from across the country never got to him.

Matt said: "This now brings the total number of missing cards, or at least the ones that we are aware of, to 24 in the last 6 weeks with 11 individuals affected. I am sure you will agree this situation has not been resolved in any manner."

Royal Mail responded with an apology and a £40 voucher as compensation, followed by details incase the situation were to happen again or if there are any further enquiries.

Matt posted the voucher right back to them after his sister told him she had also not received a number or birthday cards as well. Matt wants resolution, not a voucher of good will.

A Royal Mail spokeswoman told News Shopper: “Every item of mail is important to us. Thankfully the vast majority of items are securely delivered, but anyone who has delivery concerns should contact the Royal Mail customer service team on 03457 740 740.

"We understand that Mr Tedford is in contact with our customer services team who are urgently investigating his enquiry.”

Matt said: "The level of service we have received has been appalling. Besides the attached letter, no communication has been made to the individuals listed here, I have had to write or call each time for updates, and the response to our complaint so far has been effectively 'these things happen'. I am sure this is true but is it fair to say that we are all either highly unlucky in this coincidence or is Royal Mail rife with the theft of post?"

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Woolwich man returns voucher from Royal Mail after 24 letters go missing

17 Aug 2019, 14:44

And how would he know about the inner workings of Royal Mail bet they had money in them cards but you should never post cash but some people don't learn.

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