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St Albans posties save the lives of hedgehogs stuck down a hole

28 Jul 2019, 11:56 ... -1-6182944

Two St Albans posties and a dog have rescued a pair of hedgehogs from a water stand pipe hole.

Ffallon Williams, 19, was out walking her dog Max when the dog stopped and peered down a deep hole in the ground.

She said: "I saw Max sniffing around the hole as I had parked my car. I wondered what he was doing as he was really fixated and I looked down the hole and I saw two little hedgehogs stuck in the hole."

On her shift, Ffallon talked to her Royal Mail colleague, Mike Izzard, about the hedgehogs and he said he knew someone who rescued them. Ffallon and Mike rushed to the uncovered water pipe hole, with some gloves on, where he was able to gently pull them out.

The hedgehogs, who the posties named Cheese and Pickle, were treated to a good bath and a free check-up by Village Vet in Smallford, and were then taken to London Colney Hedgehog Rescue where they are now recovering.


Postie, Fallon Williams, with the two rescued hedgehogs, Cheese and Pickle.
Mike, 46, said: "This is another fine example of my favourite saying 'teamwork makes the dream work!'"

Ffallon added: "I was so grateful for Mike helping me to rescue them and I am pleased that they are doing well now.

"Once they are better, Esther Chant, owner of the hedgehog sanctuary, will release them back into the area they were found in." Esther said: "In a world full of problems, I think it is so heartwarming that these guys did such a heroic job of saving the lives of two hedgehogs.

"With the hot weather we have had recently they definitely would have died through dehydration and probably been attacked by flies.

"It is important that people look out for hedgehogs trapped in these places that should be covered up.

"I would encourage people to alert the local authority to any uncovered drains or cover holes in their gardens that should not be there.

"Also people can leave a shallow dish of water to help them stay hydrated."

Mike and Ffallon will be going to visit their prickly friends before they leave.

For more information on hedgehog rescue visit

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