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Anger after Royal Mail drivers 'spout abuse' at emergency vet as she rushes to save collapsed dog

25 Jul 2019, 14:41 ... -1-9898704

An emergency veterinary nurse called out to rescue a collapsed dog says she was 'abused' by Royal Mail drivers after her ambulance partially blocked their exit.

Suze Waller, who runs the Yorkshire Animal Ambulance, says she was harangued by two female Royal Mail drivers as she rushed to help save a collapsed Dachshund on a street in Cleckheaton on Tuesday morning.

The ambulance was called by the dog's 85-year-old female owner who was in an extreme state of distress at the time.

Suze, a trained veterinary nurse based in West Yorkshire, said she was "appalled" at the lack of compassion and sense of priority, and indicated the postal vans were easily able to get out through the gap she had left.

"I was only there for about 15 minutes maximum", she said.

The dog has since been taken to a vets where she is undergoing emergency treatment. It's unclear whether she will survive.

Her condition is not thought to be related to this week's heatwave.

Suze added: "I parked as close as possible to the dog as I have oxygen masks in the ambulance and need to be close to the animal. Obviously, I needed to leave room for people to get out of the delivery centre.

"These two awful ladies pulled up at the back of my ambulance and they were just constantly beeping and shouting abuse. I explained it was an emergency, that I was a registered ambulance and that this dog was very ill and his owner was in distress.

"The way they spoke to me and dealt with me was something else. We do get abuse from people a lot but this really took me back. There was no compassion at all."

Royal Mail did not respond to a request for comment.

Anger after Royal Mail drivers 'spout abuse' at emergency vet as she rushes to save collapsed dog

25 Jul 2019, 14:59

You do wonder in these days of trial by social media when people are going to learn to keep their gob shut. Pretty brainless shouting at a vet trying to save a dog whether you're blocked in or not.

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