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Postman has a round to remember as he rescues driver from pond peril

11 Jul 2019, 09:53 ... -1-6151557

A postman has been given a community award after he rescued an elderly resident in Fenstanton from a pond.

Geoff Martin dresses up on his rounds during the Christmas period

Geoff Martin, who lives in Longstanton, has been delivering post to residents in Huntingdonshire for the past 13 years.

But, on May 25, his round took him down a different route, after he jumped into a pond to rescue an 89-year-old woman who had driven her car into a pond.

Geoff, 54, was on his regular round in Fenstanton, when he suddenly heard a car revving.

He said: "I was sitting in my van by the post office when I heard a car revving. When I looked up I saw the motorist drive into the pond. It's about a 10 foot drop into the pond, and so I ran over and tried to get her out. I took parts of the fence that she had driven into it to make a small bridge and then coaxed her out of the car alongside a couple of locals.

"She wasn't hurt at all but I took a break and took her home. Once she got home she was a little shaken up so I just waited with her until a family member arrived."

Due to his bravery that day, he was then nominated for a village community cup, an award given by Fenstanton Parish Council, which he received last week.

Annette Eggett, clerk to the parish council said: "When we heard of Geoff's bravery and compassion when the car went into the village pond, no one was really surprised, this was typical of Geoff.

"Geoff is more than our postie he is a man that has time for everyone and he's appreciated by everyone - even if the post is sometimes late! Geoff is our village joker often to be found in fancy dress supporting some event or other and always has a smile on his face, he makes us smile too."

The car in the pond in Fenstanton

Geoff said: "It was a really lovely surprise to receive the award. It makes all the work worthwhile."

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