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Leg-break postie from Radcliffe loses unfair sacking fight

03 Jul 2019, 10:48 ... ing-fight/

A FORMER postie - who broke his leg and wrist when workplace banter turned violent - has lost an unfair dismissal claim.

Stuart Norris and Tony Holt were sacked after a confrontation at Radcliffe delivery office boiled over in December 2017, an employment tribunal heard.

Mr Norris, while taking a cigarette break on an early-morning shift, had taken exception to jibes about him being 'lazy', the Manchester hearing was told.

An eyewitness, Mark Williams, said the pair "squared up to each other", and after a push from Mr Norris, Mr Holt swung punches at the other man and the two grappled briefly.

An internal investigation was conducted by the Royal Mail and the pair were both dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct, the tribunal heard.

But Mr Norris lodged an appeal, where he claimed he had slipped on a piece on cardboard, during the stand-off, and had suffered a fractured hip and wrist as he tried to prevent his fall.

His appeal was unsuccessful, the tribunal heard, as he had given another account of the incident, to a manager, where reference was made to punches being exchanged.

Mr Norris said Mr Williams account was "over-exaggerated", maybe as he had been the was the victim of a practical joke carried out by the pair previously.

Dismissing his unfair dismissal claim, Employment Judge Nessa Sharkett said: "Based on the evidence before the respondent there were reasonable grounds to conclude that claimant had carried out the alleged misconduct."

Leg-break postie from Radcliffe loses unfair sacking fight

03 Jul 2019, 19:24

stupid thing to lose your job over :crazy:

Leg-break postie from Radcliffe loses unfair sacking fight

03 Jul 2019, 22:01

We are in work to earn money and leave.
I've had my share of stupid banter , I tell them in no uncertain terms I don't appreciate it and would take it further if they don't stop.

Most of the time I blank them and get on with it. My life does not revolve round work.

A few years ago two guys had a ding dong over the other leaving mail in and not pulling his weight, they ended up getting sacked and lost their houses.

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