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Second postal failure for family as birthday card with money in fails to arrive

04 Mar 2019, 13:01 ... to-arrive/

A FAMILY has been struck a second time by a postal failure involving a birthday card containing money.

Sandra Duffield Harrison and Robert Harrison were left disappointed to find that a birthday card containing £10 sent from their home in Caistor, Lincolnshire on February 21 never reached its destination to Kentmere Crescent, Barrow.

The card, sent to friend Michael Kirkpatrick, is the second time that Mrs Harrison has attempted to send a birthday card containing money in to someone close to her in Barrow.

Previously she had sent a card to her five-year-old grandson Hunter, who also lives in Barrow with his mum Ammie Brown.

On this occasion the birthday card is believed to be lost, but previously the birthday card sent to Hunter had been opened before it arrived and the money removed.

Mr Harrison described the latest incident as “pathetic.”

“We sent it first class on Thursday February 21 and it still hasn’t arrived.

“We’ve noticed that sending mail to Barrow takes longer so we already knew there wasn’t a hope of it arriving the next day.

“Michael is a very dear friend of my wife and is a very good person.

“This latest incident shows a shortfall in the class of delivery in Barrow.”

A spokesman from Royal Mail said: “We are very sorry to hear about this latest customer experience, and we are looking into what happened.

“In the meantime we have agreed to give the family £20 as a gesture of goodwill as the letter appears to be lost in this case.

“We would again remind anyone who is sending money in the post to use our Special Delivery service. This service, which is fully traceable through our network, is designed to carry valuables including cash, and offers compensation in the rare event of things going missing.

“We deliver millions of items of mail every day and the vast majority arrive at the correct destination quickly and efficiently and intact. However we are sorry if our service has not been of its usual high standard on this occasion.”

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