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Relocation of Royal Mail's Hampton delivery office to Ashford confirmed

26 Feb 2019, 17:16 ... confirmed/

A Royal Mail delivery office in Hampton will be moved to Ashford in March 2019.

Following discussions with the Communication Workers Union and staff in both offices, Royal Mail have taken the decision to move the offices.

This move is part of the delivery companies ongoing transformation to increase the efficiency of its operation, as well as providing delivery offices which are fit for staff and customers.

Royal Mail have said that the Hampton building no longer meets the "operational requirements" for modern mail service.

The Ashford office, on Feltham Hill Road, has space for the Hampton operations.

A spokesperson from Royal Mail said: "It will also enable us to improve facilities for our people and our customers in the TW12 postcode area.

"Detailed planning is now underway to ensure a smooth transition for our operations, our people and the service we provide to our customers.

"There will be no impact on deliveries to our customers as a result of this move. The postmen and women who work in Hampton delivery office will continue to serve the local community, delivering a high-quality service to our customers.

"Royal Mail acknowledges the interest that the relocation has raised within the community. Whilst we welcome feedback from customers, we need to modernise our operations and provide better and fit for purpose facilities for our customers and our people."

Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond Council and Councillor for Hampton, said, “It is incredibly disappointing that in spite of the overwhelming opposition to this proposal Royal Mail have ploughed ahead.

"This will mean a much-reduced service for local people who could be forced to schlep all the way to Ashford simply to collect a missed delivery.

"The Royal Mail have made much of their alternative delivery options but these will be confusing and cumbersome for many. The task we have now is to make sure that we ensure that the stringent planning restrictions which have been placed on this site are adhered to.

"If Royal Mail think it will be easy to flog the land for luxury housing they have thought wrong.”

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