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Home owner wants Royal Mail to a move vintage post box because he expanded his driveway

18 Feb 2019, 13:27 ... -driveway/

The unnamed resident spent thousands of pounds widening the driveway to his home


A home owner has come under fire from neighbours after building work to expand his driveway left a vintage postbox stuck in the middle of it.

The unnamed resident spent thousands of pounds widening the driveway to his home and having a set of gates installed.

But the work has attracted criticism from local residents, who believe the distinctive 100-year-old red pillar box now looks out of place.

The postbox has been sat on a newly-laid block of paving at the corner of Oxford Road and School Road in Moseley, Birmingham.

Local councillors have received complaints about the work and are investigating whether it meets planning regulations.

The homeowner, who has declined to be named, has applied to Royal Mail to get the postbox relocated.

According to Birmingham Mail, Moseley councillor Kerry Jenkins said planning officers had visited the house. She reportedly said: “The residents of Moseley are passionate about their neighbourhood. They love the characteristics, the vibe and do not want to see it ruined.

“I’m aware that planning enforcement are dealing with the issue.” She added that if the postbox is relocated it could result in a huge cost for the homeowner.

Residents shared their irritation online.

Peter said: “Call me old fashioned but there appears to be something not quite right about work on a new garage on School road Moseley.”

A user named @johnsmithmoseley said what the owner has done is “unacceptable”. “It’s a safety hazard due to gaps in road, and it’s for a van to drive over pavement, it’s near a school,” he said. “Also they should not be adjusting council land.”

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