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Royal Mail delivery office in Bacup set to relocated - nine miles away

04 Feb 2019, 14:46 ... iles-away/

A LONG-delayed move is finally taking place for a Royal Mail delivery office in East Lancashire.

Mail bosses announced that the Bacup site, off Burnley Road, was being shifted to Rochdale, in 2017.

But officials have confirmed that the relocation will now take place in late February after protracted talks with the Communication Workers Union.

Mail chiefs say the switch should have little impact on customers and there will be no compulsory redundancies for staff.

Undelivered letters can still be picked up at Bacup but it is understood undelivered parcels will be redirected to Rochdale.

The same postmen and postwomen will still work on their rounds in the Bacup area.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “These moves are part of Royal Mail’s ongoing transformation of its business to increase the efficiency of its operations and provide delivery offices that are fit for purpose for our staff and our customers.”

A further announcement on the future of Todmorden’s delivery office, in Rise Lane, which formed part of the original consultation, is expected to be made later this year.

Royal Mail delivery office in Bacup set to relocated - nine miles away

04 Feb 2019, 18:20

I don't know the area or geography but if customers are expected or feel the need to take a eighteen mile round trip to collect an item I'm not sure it's 'fit for purpose'. Seems to be an increase in reported amalgamations of DOs at the moment.

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