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What was the nickname for postmen in Victorian times?

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People come to the internet for some strange things, and today’s query that the masses want answered is pretty niche, even by the weird and wonderful standards of the world wide web.

The question on many people’s lips, or more accurately their typing fingers, is: ‘What was the nickname for postmen in Victorian times?’

Well, there is an answer to this question, and it is a pretty festive one, which is why people may have been furiously Googling it. According to Sainsbury’s postmen in Victorian times were nicknamed ‘robins’.

Sainsbury’s stated on their Facebook page: ‘Postmen in the Victorian era were nicknamed ‘robins’ because of their red uniforms.

‘A picture of a robin on a Christmas card represented the postman, delivering the card.’

This tale was corroborated by SAGA magazine who agreed that the red-breasted bird gave the nickname to postmen in the Victorian era.

However, they refute the suggestion that robins appear on Christmas cards as a result of the postmen, as the birds have a much longer-standing connection with the Christian celebration.

‘One fable suggests that when the baby Jesus was in his manger in the stable, the fire which had been lit to keep him warm started to blaze up very strongly. ‘A brown robin, noticing that Mary had been distracted by the inn-keeper’s wife, placed himself between the fire and the face of baby Jesus. ‘The robin fluffed out its feathers to protect the baby, but in so-doing its breast was scorched by the fire. This redness was then passed onto future generations of robins.’ This is obviously ridiculous, but it could explain the festive connection with the little bird.

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