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Post box goes from green to red

13 Sep 2018, 16:44 ... -1-5692252

Westonians are upset after an unusual green post box was painted red.

The post box, outside The Grand Atlantic Hotel in Beach Road, was a popular quirk of Weston’s seafront, but people are upset after Royal Mail slapped a coat of red paint on it.

Royal Mail, however, insists it was right to repaint the box so it will fit in with its other post boxes.

A spokesman said: “The post box at Marine Parade is not a historic box, but a replica box which was originally owned by Weston Town Council.

“The council painted it green to match its street furniture when it was sited at the tourist information centre. It was moved because a pedestrianised area was introduced.

“Full ownership and maintenance was handed back to Royal Mail and it has been repainted Royal Mail red as all our operational post boxes are red.

“We are sorry if the change of colour has upset customers.”

Post box goes from green to red

14 Sep 2018, 12:07

I think I noticed a postbox that is no longer used on my walk that is painted black. I only glanced at it but will have a closer look at it. It's in the wall of a house so it may have been something else.

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