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Royal Mail parcel chief in line to take reins as Greene leaves

09 Apr 2018, 14:08 ... -mvsdghgt2

Royal Mail parcel chief in line to take reins as Greene leaves

09 Apr 2018, 14:14

Is Rico Back rising to become Royal Mail CEO ?

mlocr wrote:Could we potentially look forward to these sorts of GLS work practices coming soon to the UK, (i.e. further privatisation/outsourcing of parcel deliveries/zero-hours contracts/ non-unionized staff/safety issues) at Royal Mail once/if Rico Back becomes CEO -- as has been frequently speculated on now in both the British and German media.

Here is another account of the undercover investigation at GLS that reportedly so angered Rico (again with English Google translation from the original German): ... 92248.html

Wallraff, as a package messenger, discovered "modern slavery"

• May 30, 2012 8:06 pm
• Update: 31/05/2012, 12:38 hrs

Once again, Günter Wallraff crept into a company under a false name. This time the parcelist GLS was the order. There, "human trafficking with system" is operated.

The revelation journalist Günter Wallraff was once again under false identity. This time, the 69-year-old hired the GLS, a company that is active throughout Europe, and has its German headquarters in Neuenstein. There he first started as a passenger in a delivery vehicle. After several months of research and undercover work, the 69-year-old writer denounces "human trafficking with system". State controls against logistics companies would have to be introduced and sanctions imposed.

"I have worked and researched at different sites - and I have found working conditions that are physically, nervously and financially ruined," said the author on Wednesday in Düsseldorf. "It is a system that is a form of modern slavery in the middle of Germany." Several thousand people are affected, especially younger and male employees. Wallraff researched for the weekly magazine "Die Zeit" and for RTL.

"It's about precarious employment, to dumping wages from three to five euros an hour, to 14-hour stakes to total exhaustion, to unpaid overtime, to sleep deficits that can provoke accidents to harassment." Workers' laws would be clearly ignored, Breaks are hardly possible. "Manipulated data are being given to the authorities."

The unacceptable practices were carried out "with the knowledge of the group and with the system," the author emphasized. It was a form of self-esteem in which people were pushed, "who have no choice and who are just glad to get some work." The conditions are difficult to see, including the risks of accident or illness concerned.

Wallraff's accusations against GLS:

"There were often no breaks, only four or five hours of sleep at night. The accident risk is enormous. [...] It is a system that represents a form of modern slavery in the middle of Germany. "
working equipment
" We were traveling in dented carts and snow and ice with summer tires."
"A scandal is also that the first hours are not paid at all. If the drivers pick up the parcels from the depots at 0500, take them from the tape, scan them and carry them into the wagons, they will not be paid for two, three hours. "
" Drivers are obliged to work under difficult conditions and in often only verbal contracts as subcontractors without GLS pointing them to the entrepreneurial and financial risks. Many are exploited to the very last detail, and GLS steals himself steadily and completely from responsibility. "
"Manipulated data are being given to the authorities."

At the GLS-Germany headquarters in Neuenstein, the allegations of exploitation have now been rejected. It is a "one-sided and abridged reporting," the company said on Thursday after the broadcast of the TV documentary at RTL. "The GLS Group does not accept any disrespectful statements about subcontractors and their drivers in their company. We attach great importance to partnership-based cooperation, which is being developed within the framework of the law, "the opinion states. The Managing Director of GLS Germany, Klaus Conrad, and Rico Back, head of the Amsterdam-based group, "regretted" the report.

On a request from "Zeit-Magazin", GLS replied: "The transport companies are obligated, in the execution of transport orders of GLS, in principle to the employment of drivers in legally compliant employment obligations requiring social insurance."
According to Wallfraff, the company is not the only one to pay dumping wages and deliberately accept violations of labor laws. "With me, letters from many people from the lower hierarchy levels, but also from managers who want to no longer be responsible for these states, are increasing."

Royal Mail parcel chief in line to take reins as Greene leaves

03 Sep 2019, 15:39

Here we are..

Royal Mail parcel chief in line to take reins as Greene leaves

07 Sep 2019, 13:51

Well since we cannot hold those to account at the top anymore who drive the culture in this workplace. Those who have a vested interest will flog those who work for it and it's profit is their own personal gain at the top!

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