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Consumers Welcome Savings Delivered By Direct Mail

29 Mar 2007, 11:47

Seven in ten consumers used a free sample that they received through the door and 37.6 per cent redeemed a money-off voucher or coupon, Royal Mail today revealed.

This equates to more than 31.1 million free samples or money-off vouchers mailed by stores and brands in 2006 that were welcomed and used by consumers.

A further 15 per cent of people who received vouchers or samples requested more information, while an additional 36 per cent read or looked at their vouchers or samples before disposing of them.

This represents another 34 million vouchers or samples that proved beneficial to consumers.

Bill Jenkinson, Market Development Manager at Royal Mail, said: "This research shows that free samples are appreciated by consumers and are very effective at driving product trial. Consumers also respond positively to money off vouchers, whether redeeming them or requesting more information as a result."

The report, conducted by TNS for Royal Mail, interviewed a sample of 2,500 consumers, representative of the UK population.

RM Propaganda

31 Mar 2007, 22:01

Stats and more damned stats. Personally I wouldn't trust RM's market research. Having said that this is a good news story to encourage more people to use DM rather than email or online advertising.

Most will continue to use this as using private companies will reduce their costs and make this medium more commercially viable compared to alternatives

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