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TNT Post:You numnuts!!!

25 Mar 2007, 13:04

Would-be identity thieves no longer need bother rifling through dirty rubbish sacks. A major credit reference agency is linked to a promotion that is encouraging householders to leave personal data, including their dates of birth, in unsealed plastic bags on their front doorsteps.

Take one of these bags - brightly coloured, for extra visibility - and you could find out the names of the people living at the house, their mobile and home phone numbers, their monthly credit card balances, their occupations and salary levels, the problems they may have in paying back loans, and even the birthdays of their children. These, and many other equally intimate subjects, are included in the latest Household Insight Survey, which is being distributed across the country. The survey comes with a letter to householders that tells them to 'simply leave your completed survey in the bag provided on your doorstep'.

This practice is operated by a subsidiary of TNT Post who say"'We believe this is a secure method of data collection"!!!!

But there is one consolation for anyone who chooses to take the risk of putting valuable and sensitive personal information in a plastic bag on their doorstep. TNT Post offers in exchange ... a small bag of Thornton's chocolates!!!


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