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ANNOUNCEMENT CWU : We have announced an industrial action ballot timetable in Royal Mail group - ballot papers will be dispatched on 24th September if no agreement is reached before then. HERE

Managers off the hook!!!!!

04 Mar 2007, 02:57

The Royal Mail, which last week called for a 6p hike in stamp prices, has shelved a controversial management shake-up.

Insiders had said the state-controlled group was looking to introduce new pay scales and positions, meaning staff would have been forced to reapply for their own jobs. The Amicus union was known to be concerned, and told The Independent on Sunday last autumn that it was seeking meetings with senior management over the issue.

However, the Royal Mail, which is striving to axe costs in the face of stiffer competition, has decided to shelve the review while it focuses on investing fresh funds in the business. The Government has pledged to provide more than £2bn, a large chunk of which will be used to modernise sorting machinery.

"We have got all the funding in place and we need to focus on that," said one senior source. "[The management review] hasn't been parked entirely. There are bits that can be done quickly. It's more of a phasing in."

A Royal Mail spokesman added: "The management programme continues... We remain totally committed to developing our managers to best meet the challenges we face."

Union insiders were pleased that the review had been put on hold. "It makes sense for them to pause," said one. "There are a number of challenges: competition, loss of contracts, revenues. We want to talk to them further about the modernisation plans and what they mean."

The Royal Mail, which saw interim profits dive 86 per cent, last week prompted a backlash after it said it was losing money delivering letters and called for a rise in stamp prices. It argued it was being hindered by its obligation to deliver mail throughout the UK at the same price - something no other postal operator has to do.

But the regulator Postcomm said the group was using its regulatory obligations as a "smokescreen", adding: "Royal Mail has failed to bring its costs into line as would be expected of an efficient mail operator."


04 Mar 2007, 02:59

Didn't see this coming :d'oh! Guess they'll have a smile on their faces Mon morning :roll:

A Royal Mail spokesman added: "We remain totally committed to developing our managers to best meet the challenges we face."

Reminds me of something ...

04 Mar 2007, 11:35

that a mate said just after I joined the company.

Royal Mail employs some of the best managers in the Postal industry :shock:
Unfortunately, none of them work at this office :wink:

04 Mar 2007, 12:05

In 1996 we had 1 manager to run our office, we now have 4 managers, for 110 people, can anyone see where were over staffed, answers to A Leighton. :mad

u make a good point

04 Mar 2007, 14:22

I saw the same in my office where there were 2 before I came along and then there were 4 when I left!


You can cut as many managerial jobs as you want, but without compulsory redundancy they will end up somewhere if they don't want to leave.

The operational management reviw has probably been put on hold as it's one area where reductions can have a major impact on quality. RM have worked hard to improve and then protect their Quality, as it's a good barrier to entrants. Competitors need to offer the same quality otherwise the customer gets properly upset. We are talking 98.5% quality of mailing entering the RM pipeline.

Also check out loads of news today regarding potential job losses and changes.


04 Mar 2007, 15:20

Twice over 15 years RM has offered managers volountary redundancies, and a lot have taken that offer, on very good terms, and they all went with a substantial wedge in their pockets. The problem RM has is that it keeps recruiting more managers, Q of S also has to do with knowledgeable staff, which if these WS machines come in RM will loose in about 10 years, this business has always been top heavy, too many jobs for the boys.

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