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Saturdays off, for floats.

11 Jan 2020, 05:01

Hi, I need advise on whether to take this further. Basically I’m a relatively new float/reserve doing 30 hours. I’m constantly getting shafted I’m getting a Saturday off. I’ve not had one in 3 months yet, other floats/reserves dmsone doing less hours are getting one in four. Which is what we get in our DOM and I have been told by my union rep and shown a sheet in the office stating I should get 1in 4. What should I do, I have seen some floats get two Saturdays off since I last had my one?

Saturdays off, for floats.

11 Jan 2020, 06:07

Stick a grievance in

Saturdays off, for floats.

11 Jan 2020, 07:43

Still in probation, don’t want to put a grievance in it may go against me.

Saturdays off, for floats.

11 Jan 2020, 10:04

There is no such thing as a float/reserve. They're two different things.

A float is a fixed duty and part of a rota of duties. He will do the same five duties on a rota basis covering the day off of the five duty holders. In doing that they also have a rota Saturday every six weeks

A reserve does not do the same duties. They will be called on to do any duty in the office that they have been shown round and don't have a fixed or rota day off.

If your office gets one in 4 off then in the interests of fairness all people should get it but don't expect it to work like that.

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