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french strike

05 Dec 2019, 18:06

cwu take note
thats how to do it

french strike

05 Dec 2019, 18:13

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french strike

05 Dec 2019, 18:29

The whole country should take note. Here they just raise the pension age and everybody accepts it

french strike

05 Dec 2019, 23:18

They the RM and the Government of the time conspired to rob our pensions and what did we do about it nothing whilst those at the top get golden hello goodbyes and managers get bonuses related to making us all lapse and what do we do nothing least we should do is not feed the hand who smacks us all!

french strike

08 Dec 2019, 12:05

Over here it’s an I’m alright Jack society, created by the rich to serve the rich. Will get even worse for us if the Tories win this election.

french strike

09 Dec 2019, 22:35

Hopefully not one posty votes tory

french strike

11 Dec 2019, 22:13

'cept nw postie, leolion, rambo1, etc...but imho their posts smack of working class tory/inverted snobbery which will prop up the mill owners/whip hands.

but, yeh. no postie with any solidarity or pride in their job/work would be openly right wing. As that particular politics will end a 500 year service sector industry, in the name of divi's...and I'm talking bonuses not insulting the shareholders/ceo.

Anybody who prefers a system that rewards a bullying management with a bonus for pushing more work out the door on it's workforce is merely applauding the crisis we are in. Tory politics has taken us to the brink of implosion/ industrial relations being frought (97.1% of us weren't wrong). let's hope that the 2.9% who voted no were a poll of the bigger picture in our country...there are a hell of a lot of disaffected people...maybe they all want change...maybe they could be part of that change...maybe they should get on board and join the majority of people trying to better the country as well as each other's lot (and maybe their own, too). The thing with society, it's like the've got to be in it to win it.

vote sensibly, for the COMMON good of our COUNTRY and ALL it's citizens. Even yourself...don't waste all those years of national insurance contributions to hand 'em all over to the bullionaire's club which we will never be members of...they believe they are born to rule...and they are brainwashing you to "get it done"

what does this mean? shafting millions of folk whom wanted control wrestled away from needless EU bureaucracy with a headlong rush without a deal? or attempting to hijack the brexit vote in order to regain the purse strings for their own kind...they certainly aren't offering to improve their austerity measures, raise any standards of living, welfare reform, health service spending, emergency services spending, build any more affordable houses, take control of utilities and transport (both of which are failing the customer).
the tory principle is to make the gap widen between rich and poor. haves and have nots. elitist educational systems. london centric...AND pay for it not by sound economics but making welfare reform pay for all of the last ten years...the poor want real change, not a few pennies of charity snootily gifted by the elitist fatcats.

if you vote for the severely right wing tory agenda tomorrow then you are condemning our country out of spite and an unjustifiable hatred. One knows not from where you could have such a chip on one's shoulder about your fellow brit...but do yourself a favour and think v. carefully about what your X mark will bring forth...a tory vote is a green light for more of the same but more right wing...a labour vote is a red light to mull over the 'shared' wealth this country currently has and needs to get a grip of quickly. if our planet is dying exponentially (extinct species acceleration, air pollution, rising sea levels, toxins in water, fossil fuels running out) then we MUST regain control in this land of ours. Britain is a great place with great true democracy on offer (post-Brexit).

Vote labour, vote brexit, vote change, just bloody vote with your lionhearts

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