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Advice please

04 Dec 2019, 20:40

Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice for my friend.

She has worked on the post for approx 5 years, in the past 9 months has become sick twice. Because of this she is now on stage 2 of the disciplinary procedure. Prior to this time she was rarely sick.

Her mother is disabled and she is due to take her to a wedding at the end of December (she is her mother’s primary carer) and needed to take 2 days off as the wedding is quite far away and the mother is unable to travel there and back in a day.

She told the depot manager in October about the wedding and was told to leave it with him.

She has now been told that she can’t take the time off. If she does she will be moved onto a stage 3 and dismissed.

The manager has advised her to ask around the depot for people to cover her and offer them cash payment.

Is there anything she can do? This is a family wedding and not being able to take her mother is causing extreme stress.

She is owed days too.

Thank you

Advice please

04 Dec 2019, 20:55

TIME OFF: OTHER LEAVE - August 2017 Employment policies at-a-glance

We know there may be times when you need time off to deal with family commitments, for example, or other responsibilities. Your manager will try to support you, and be as accommodating as possible. It’s important you speak to your manager as soon as possible, so they can help as much as they can.

Family events: There are often events where you have no control over their date or time, e.g. a wedding or school concert. In these situations you should speak to your manager who may be able to give you holiday, or arrange for you to make up the time, swap your shift or take unpaid leave.

Advice please

05 Dec 2019, 08:08

Another vile manager Christ .All boils down to your manager . all this cr@@ about swapping days off ? CASH PAYMENT ?? :shock: . i went in few weeks ago asked for a day off for family reasons and I was told ok no probs . :neutral:

Advice please

08 Dec 2019, 22:35

She has now been told that she can’t take the time off. If she does she will be moved onto a stage 3 and dismissed.

The standards are 2 absences or 10 days in the next 6 months of them issuing a stage 2.
Seems this manager is another one of the threating types.
Also your manager should not be telling your friend to offer a cash payment to cover for leave.
As your friend is the primary carer for her mum and this is a family wedding then you could put in a grievance and point out that your friend has days owing to her and that as her mum is dependant on her help then Royal Mail are discriminating against her and her mum under the Equality Act(Discrimination by association.)

What's the rep doing about it?

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