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agency ltb

21 Nov 2019, 21:51

hi, there was a ltb not that long ago, and I cant find it anywhere that dealt with agency workers use, how and when they are to be used, basically only if the Dom thinks the office is going to fail, I know I had it, anyone got it?

agency ltb

21 Nov 2019, 21:56 ... 1&p=869542
This one?

Part of our national agreements have stipulations on when where and how agency workers are used ect
See download section for full agreements.

agency ltb

21 Nov 2019, 22:09

POSTMAN wrote:
This one?

Part of our national agreements have stipulations on when where and how agency workers are used ect
See download section for full agreements.

no its not that one, its just I know I saw it recently! god its annoying I usually keep stuff! thank you for your help, our is office is going to disagreement! no one made up to full time from part time, manager went round and asked, it got kicked back! so they are saying if the office is likely to fail then they will use agency, but they are unwilling to make part time to full, when there is workload there and manager went round asking! oh the joys! its getting kicked upstairs,

agency ltb

21 Nov 2019, 22:12

2.7.4 Agency workers are intended to cover short term or unforeseen resourcing needs, expected to last for periods of no more than 12 weeks, which cannot be covered by offering additional hours to existing employees whilst maintaining quality of service. In the rare circumstances that employment exceeds 12 weeks the provisions of the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (as amended) will apply.

2.7.7 The level of part time Employees’ contracted hours will be jointly reviewed locally on a six monthly basis. Where appropriate, increased contracted hours will be offered to reflect the hours actually worked and planned.

AGENDA FOR GROWTH Page 9 ... 36&t=82298

agency ltb

21 Nov 2019, 22:21

Thank you so much! from memory it stated when agency could be used, that was when an office was going to fail, bloody annoying! it was referring to what is going on at the moment, read that much lately! but I was sure it was cwu update and not something I randomly found on the net, Gate meeting will be fun tomorrow lol, but thanks once again!

agency ltb

22 Nov 2019, 11:11

Apple - this is a related thread on the subject. ... =1&t=93294

Cannot find LTB specific to agency use. I expect you have seen this LTB & attachment.

Edited from;
LTB 667/19 – Christmas Arrangements 2019/20

Att LTB667
 Pre-scheduling hours against forecast workload
 Scheduled Attendance or pressure overtime in line with Section 5 below
 The opportunity for part timers/less than full time staff to increase their contracted hours
 Use of temporary/agency staff as supplementary resource

7 Temporary Variation to Contractual Status To ensure parity of treatment, where workload supports the increase, part time or 35 hour full time staff performing 38 hour duties may extend their contractual hours to 38 for the Christmas period through a temporary variation of contract in line with the current process.

agency ltb

22 Nov 2019, 19:32

thank you my friend

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