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On loan to other Depot - expenses

28 Feb 2019, 10:32


I started working for RM just over 10 weeks ago, I have only worked from my stated depot for a couple of days a week, sometimes not that, the other days I have been "on loan" to other depot's. This is not a problem but some of them are around 11 miles or over and above my normal mileage to my depot, also they can take up to half an hour longer to get to. My depot is around a 15 minute drive and around 5 miles, but I have been sent to a depot's that are 24 miles each way and approx 40 minutes to get to.

All my colleagues are telling me that for expenses I should be getting the mileage (less what I would normally do) and the extra time (over my normal 15 minutes) should be paid as well, I am getting mixed messages from depot staff I am in to the ones in other offices. Can you clarify what I am entitled to when "on loan" to other depot's please.

I dont want to make a big thing out of this, but some of the depot's are miles away from me, and there are surely depot's closer that can loan staff.


On loan to other Depot - expenses

28 Feb 2019, 12:06

This is a recent topic with the information you seek: ... =1&t=89968

On loan to other Depot - expenses

28 Feb 2019, 12:16

Thanks for the information, very helpful, but does anyone know if you can also get paid for the "extra time" it takes to travel to the "loan" depot, as most of the one's I have been sent to are at least an extra 20 minutes plus both ways extra to my normal travel time.

I also wasn't aware that you needed Business Insurance to use your car to another depot.

Cheers very helpful

On loan to other Depot - expenses

28 Feb 2019, 13:19

Yes. ... 36&t=12462

Working in nearby offices – Areas will identify and agree with the CWU
locally a approach (which could include the use of volunteers and
reserves) to working in nearby offices within employees’ contracted
hours which will include travel times and appropriate travel and
subsistence arrangements

As it says within your contracted hours, this means you can either travel during your normal hours or with permission claim overtime. The bit about travel and subsistence allowance is the part that allows you to claim mileage.

Of course this all pre-supposes you have the correct insurance, - Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting does not cover driving to other offices.

On loan to other Depot - expenses

01 Mar 2019, 20:16

IF normally leave you house at 6.45 thats the time you leave to go to the other office and you have to be back a home at your normall time or book and yes you should get travell cost too. id right work out the millage and get straight onto your manger.

On loan to other Depot - expenses

02 Mar 2019, 06:38

Do not use your own vehicle , it Royal Mails job to get you to / from your office of employment ( all within you start & Finish time )

Holiday hours accrued

02 Apr 2020, 12:13

Does anyone know if I'm entitled to be paid my accrued hours rather than carry them over to the following year? My manager has said they can only be carried over; currently 19.29 hours.

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