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Another stage-related query

03 May 2007, 18:58

I badly need some advice to hopefully save my mate from more sleepless nights. He got issued a Stage 1 late last year which he didn't dispute (not that it would have made a blind bit of difference) and nearly made it to 6-months clear of sick when he got the flu. So he went off sick, came back after four days - way too soon - then had to go off again, this time for a week. So he's already sweating on a Stage 2 being issued, and then he didn't show up this morning.
Our caring governor asked me where he is (what am I, his mother? :roll: says me) so I rang him on his mobile later and matey boy's told me his missus may be losing her job and he's sh!tting himself cause they've got debts and a big mortgage. BUT ... Without asking anyone's advice first, he'd already rung in sick just before I got a chance to phone him, saying he's got the trots, which is nearly true, I suppose.

So that's three absences since his Stage 1 :shock:

Does that mean that once he's been given his Stage 2 interview, they can count absence no3 towards an RTU ? I thought they cannot do that, but I don't want to get his hopes up and look like a numbnut. I don't doubt that his Stage 2 will be issued, cause they seem to be having a purge at the moment and he's not flavour-of-the-month with soppy bollocks at the best of times :dance

I always thought if you go sick between the date of the absence that breaches the standards and the date of the stage interview, it's all counted as part of that particular stage ? He is cacking himself for real over this :oops:

Help :pray

03 May 2007, 19:12

Ant absence between triggering stage 1, 2 or 3 and getting the interview and having the warning issued is effectivley a free absence. Is a scam a used to pull in my younger days.

ONLY absence that comes AFTER the warning is issued that counts.

The letter issuing the warning after interview should say clearly what the standards are to come off the attendance procedure.

Debt problems

He needs to contact Comercial credit counselling services a registered charity and reconized by the credit industry

Contact the mge company ask for a bit of time why he and the missus get their finances reorganised

Mge companies if you get behind prefer the suspended posseion order to outright taking the house back basically a payment plan for arrears backed up by a court order to give the lendera bit of extra security.

I have been down this route before and found light at the end of the tunnel

CWU have a deal with a company to help members with money problems

Citizens advice are also excellent with money problems

03 May 2007, 19:15

Pass the link onto your mate, they will sort him out and help take away his worry

03 May 2007, 19:17

About CCCS
Who are you and what do you do?

People in financial difficulties reach us through our 0800 free phone numbers, or online using CCCS Debt Remedy. Over the telephone, the helpline advisor will perform an immediate assessment of the situation ending in emergency help, self-help material or the offer of a counselling appointment. Through CCCS Debt Remedy, visitors receive online expert debt advice tailored to their individual circumstances.

Whether a client chooses to use CCCS Debt Remedy or has a counselling appointment, CCCS conduct a full review of the credit and debt situation followed by a recommendation.

Our FREEPHONE helpline is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

0800 138 1111

03 May 2007, 19:45

Big Daz wrote:

Pass the link onto your mate, they will sort him out and help take away his worry


Emailed the link to him already and he's very relieved that he won't be out of work as well.

Thanks from me and him for the great info :Applause :Applause :Applause

03 May 2007, 20:20

Daz you are a fountain of knowledge mate superb :Applause :Applause :Applause

03 May 2007, 20:54

You see depite my political shite that i love to sprout i am a experinced IR rep in a delivery office and a safety rep trained to TUC health and safety stage 1 and stage 2.

03 May 2007, 20:55

Daz your Da Man - Ive got more info from you joining this board than I ever have from my local rep ImageImage

03 May 2007, 20:59

Your lucky that Eastern 5 branch have got such a good ADR to keep his reps up to date!

And the fact they i often study and quote national aggrements at the manager does help.


04 May 2007, 00:14

Yep them there numbers will come in handy to alot of people as the current purge is on from RM..

Good advice again fella!!!



PS anyone needing a bit of lee way with tom n dick, Never say "sick " if ya only off for 1 or 2 days!! Ask for S/L Special Leave as its Urgent domestic..
His Mrs and her job.... Good luck HH fella!!!! :Applause :Applause :Applause

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