6 months in need info

09 Jan 2017, 23:56

Hi all i have been a posty for 6months i took the job 15 miles away from my home as it was all that was on offer, i spoke to my manager and asked for a transfer i put this in writing to him and to the office i wish to go to, he told me it will be the end of january 2017, today he has told me he cannot let me go as there under staffed i feel he wont let me go as im a good employee, the older guys that have been at the office said they wont let you go if your a good time keeper etc.
my second question is if i apply for another royalmail job do you have to re take the online tests? thanks in advance

6 months in need info

10 Jan 2017, 16:21

I am not complete up on transfers as they have changed a bit since I was last involved but as I understand it, once you have made an official request and the new office has selected you, then your manager can only keep you for so many weeks (4 I think) then you have to be accommodated.

However, will put this in Union room for reps to advise.

6 months in need info

10 Jan 2017, 19:34

It's not clear from your post but are there actually vacancies available at the office you want to go to?

If so are they being advertised? Even if they are you might find yourself at the bottom of the pile as
there maybe staff with greater seniority who might want the vacant slot.....

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