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The Labour leadership election

29 Apr 2007, 14:26

Just curious. Does anyone know how the CWU vote in the upcoming Labour leadership election is going to be done? Is it still a block vote, one member one vote or something in between?

30 Apr 2007, 22:36

I aint got a clue,anyone else,we have got a political officer on here i'l contact him and get his view.

Hope it aint a block vote!!!!

30 Apr 2007, 22:41

:d'oh! :d'oh! :d'oh! :d'oh! :d'oh! :d'oh! :d'oh! :d'oh! :no no :no no :no no :no no :no no :no no :so there :so there :so there :so there :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad



ps how fecking dare they vote for all... :no no

01 May 2007, 04:31

one man one vote according to Jack Straw and i will not vote for Brown!

Meacher/Mcdonnel and Jon Cruddas is my choice

01 May 2007, 11:34

Great. Thanks. Yeah. Anybody but Gordon, that's my motto.

01 May 2007, 12:41

Cheers Daz. :Very Happy

01 May 2007, 12:41

I can see why our union should be affiliated to or fund the Labour party anymore, its not like they've done us proud the last 10 years, sold us down the effin river more like!

01 May 2007, 17:03

The labour party has done us proud over the last 10 years.

It is the labour leadership/goverment that have let us down.

Blair has seriously muted the labour party so he can get away with what he wants and their are those in the party who wish to rise up and reclaim the party from blair and his right wing destroyers.

Democracy in the labour party and respect for the rank and file has gone under blair. thats why membership has HALVED under blair.

Dave Ward has stepped down as the CWU rep on the labour party NEC because of the way the NEC has lost its teeth under Blair.

And with local elections looking likley to be bad for Labour, Blairs reforms of the party have proven to be the very thing that will see Labour lose its perception amongst voters as the party for ordinary working people

Thanks Mr Blair you are the worst leader in the history of the labour party

01 May 2007, 17:37

Have a read ... 26,00.html

01 May 2007, 18:47

Thanks Mr Blair you are the worst leader in the history of the labour party

But also, ironically, the most successful :crazy:

Big Daz Mate!!

01 May 2007, 18:47

I did read the post you set and i just cant agree with the bullshit! And lies!! All the people who voted for A NON TORY way of life got f**k all..

Just lies from the LABOUR party Not new labour or neo right labour!! U and any one can dress it up as you will But it dont change the facts This goverment has been the worst in My life time and im 36.. I wish i could vote Labour as im working class, From the East End of London! Family always in past voted Labour as a party for the workers!! 78-97 We had a row to have!! Now We as a people can only feel let down and lied to. I for one will not be lied to again!!

As the Who said... "Here is the new boss, same as the old boss..."
"We wont get fooled again..." :no no :no no :no no :no no :no no


This is a open forum i applaud, so you comments are very valid, BUT lets talk on CWU and Post office issues!!!

As Billy has already slung a wedge of dosh the political route!!! THANKS!!!


What A Stink

01 May 2007, 19:25

:d'oh! :d'oh! A 12 yr old girl has been shot and killed by her brother with a replica handgun that had been converted to fire real ammunition. After 10 yrs of control freakery labour has not put a stop to gun crime and so we have another innocent child losing it's precious life. Labour has managed to spend a lot of time and effort in that act of revenge The Fox Hunting Ban. A useless piece of legislation that was all about the killing of vermin, something that cars do all the time, but Labour didn't ban cars did they? Labour are thankfully on the way out. Keep your politics off this site VOTE GREEN---------------------KWACK :no no :no no :no no :no no :no no

01 May 2007, 21:18

May i point out that this paticular thread is called "The Labour leadership election" and if dont like the topic then dont post on it or read it.

The goverment being the sole shareholder of royal mail means that some form of "politics" is always going to be extremely relevant to our working lives in royal mail.

Punk you are quite right in your analysis and that is why TB manged to do 13 years as leader of the labour party.

L Tommo

Why can you not accept that those who were of pre 1994/1997 labour when you and your family were still willing to vote labour didnt all disappear when blair stated messing about and stayed on to fight to reclaim the party from within. Others have joined smaller socallist parties but not everyone was willing to give up on the labour party. I know it dosent fit in with the popular bash the labour party they have fu**** us to hell and back attitude that many people have but its the truth, the pre blair labour party still exsists as the current left wing of the party. I think those that stayed on to try and save the sinking ship should be congratulated.

Or do you think they should have just given up and given blair a 100% free ride? At what point do true labour and the unions declare the battle lost and walk away from new labour and surley you do not think that they should not have that batlle and just give up without a fight? We dont want the CWU not to bother fighting royal mail just baceause its a lost cause.

I do belive however that the time to decide if affilation to the labour party is really value for money is upon us due to the labour party leadership elecions. My reason for this is simple if those that form the govermnet/shadow cabinet arer never going to see things our way no matter how hard we try to make them then other use of the money to the labour party will be more benficial


The green party is all over the place they dont know if they are left or right, how ever socalists are being elected into posistions in the green party quite a lot recently and a battle between left and right within the green party may soon emerge. However Billy Hayes is rather fond of them.

As for keepin politics off this site isnt that up to POSTMAN? But then how do we discuss goverment policy towards royal mail presuming it is something worth discussing?

politics on the site

01 May 2007, 21:57

Not my cup of tea lads, :so there but makes interesting reading :Very Happy(by the way i have and always will vote labour)

01 May 2007, 22:33

I'm not into this politics shite,they're just a bunch of freeloaders imo.
But from what i can see Labour,Blair,Brown and who f***ing ever have done nothing for us(RM employees) and most others around the country.
Hayes said at our agm and i read it else where as well that the union gives money to the Labour party because Labour put in their last manifesto that the business would not be privatized.
A bribe or blackmail look at it anyway you wish,they both do the job.

As for politics on the site,Big Daz i think makes a good point at the end of his last post,it has to come into the mix,especially with the shite we're going through and who our share holder is.


01 May 2007, 23:25

Ive never said "I dont want Politics on this site." If you read my Post i applaud you in your points! But i would and i think most would like to keep it just to Royal Mail/ Posties/ CWU.. And if Labour is the subject as it is, keep it in the realms of CWU/POSTIES/RM. Yes to your point on the heading of this subject! AS its to do with the CWU/US voting .. Either BLOCK VOTE, or 1 MEMBER 1 VOTE.. Thats all...

As for me personally voting i NEVER said i did vote labour!!! Just i wish i could as i do believe the Tory ways destroyed working class peoples lives/industrys! Its none of your business who i vote for as its none of my familys! Most of em years ago voted labour out of that was the only
party a working class person could vote for!! NOT SO ANY MORE!!! I will use my vote in any which way i see fit and all im saying is The CWU or anyone DONT have the right to make my mind up FULL STOP!! Answering the heading that started!!! And YES I AGAIN AGREE We shouldnt give up fighting RM even if it is a lost cause!! Its just i dont back the labour cause!!! Im glad you ask the Question of being with the labour party from a CWU point of view tho
Big Daz... But your point on the Goverment/shadow cabinet, "Trying to MAKE THEM SEE THINGS OUR WAY..." I find a little bit naive... When ever have a goverment listened to a Union?? Not since Thatcher finished the miners!!! So carry on fighting the good fight!! But dont exspect the CWU when not asked to carry the bill or a hand out!!! NOT IN MY NAME!!! Unless we ballot and find out democraticly IF WE want to fund the labour, or any party wit OUR SUBS!!!

I Just want RM , CWU and Post office workers to run a site as POSTMAN IS! With politics Not at the fore!!!


DONT LET THE ANIMAL FARM BRAIN WASH YOU!! "Some are more equal than others."

02 May 2007, 21:16

:nana :nana I vote green because my Kawasaki is green, thats how thick I am :crazy: :crazy: :shock: :shock: I'm thick because after 10 yrs I thought OAPs would be getting a decent pension just Like MPs do. After 10 yrs I thought the armed forces would be sent into battle with decent equipment :arrrghhh :arrrghhh After 10 years In thought newly recruited NH staff would get to keep their jobs etc etc etc after 10 years I thought hard working POSTIES would not get B&H in a NULABOUR PC world. Like I said ''IM THICK''---------------VOTE KAWASAKI :cuppa :cuppa :whistle :whistle :evil/mad :evil/mad

02 May 2007, 22:16

"After 10 yrs I thought the armed forces would be sent into battle with decent equipment"

Give them their due the Armed Forces did have decent equipment. Well the Generals and Civil servants did have their limos and stuff. According to the MoD the forces do have the right equipment, they just don't issue it in case it gets damaged :crazy: :crazy: .

Give them their due though no government has given the forces the equipment they need and I talk from experience. Every deployment I went on I had to go to the high street to buy decent kit to keep me warm and dry.

02 May 2007, 22:38

[quote="TrueBlueTerrier"]"After 10 yrs I thought the armed forces would be sent into battle with decent equipment"

Give them their due the Armed Forces did have decent equipment. Well the Generals and Civil servants did have their limos and stuff. According to the MoD the forces do have the right equipment, they just don't issue it in case it gets damaged :crazy: :crazy: .

:nana :nana TBT You know what real brotherhood is all about, am I right?-------------------VOTE KAWASAKI I can't find a brotherhood Emoticon :Boo hoo! :Boo hoo! :Boo hoo!

Save all you kisses for me!!

02 May 2007, 22:42

:oops: Nearest on google i got was this :oops:

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