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RE: Social Media Policy

18 Nov 2014, 18:56

No. 744/2014
Ref: PTC/RE/dj/402
Date: 18 November 2014


Dear Colleague

RE: Social Media Policy

I attach copies of the Royal Mail Group Acceptable Use Policy and associated guides, Acceptable Use – Social Media Guide; Dealing with Conduct Issues Involving Social Media; and Acceptable Use Policy – Inappropriate Use of Royal Mail Systems.

These policies are current. They do not constitute an agreement/s with the union but they have been the subject of detailed consultation and have been amended as a result of union input.

Head office is not aware of an increase in the number of conduct or bullying and harassment cases arising from or involving use of social media, but such cases continue to arise from time to time and it is important that branches are aware of business policy in this area.

Any enquiries should be addressed to Ray Ellis’s department, quoting reference PTC/RE/dj/402.
Email address:

Yours sincerely

Ray Ellis,
Assistant Secretary
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Re: RE: Social Media Policy

18 Nov 2014, 20:24

So good of you TBT- attachment missing off the LTB that I received :wave :wave

Re: RE: Social Media Policy

18 Nov 2014, 23:00

Seems like every company and organisation under the sun has to have it's own "social media presence" now, no matter how mundane.

Great I just received a packet from the Royal Mail, so i'm going to follow them on Twitter! Give me a break.

Re: RE: Social Media Policy

19 Nov 2014, 15:05

Glenno wrote:So good of you TBT- attachment missing off the LTB that I received :wave :wave

Happy to help. :Very Happy :Very Happy

RE: Social Media Policy

26 Jan 2017, 14:13

About a year ago, the government surveyed various businesses and individuals on the use of social media data for recruitment. The mechanism, not identified in the survey, to obtain the data would be a trawling for certain personal details and filtering the results. The survey was concerned not so much about the ethics of using personal information without consent but whether it would be useful to businesses. The implication identified in the survey is that businesses could be allowed to trawl data bought from social media companies for applicants' profiles. It's a disturbing invasion of privacy, symbolically by looking in somebody's bedroom window. Anybody know if there has been recent or proposed legislation on this matter?
A related problem is the way people feel obliged to join the local social media network. Coercion exists where anybody who is not in the network is considered a bit strange, a social outcast. The government survey included questions about the use of social media networks as a form of bullying, where popular people on a work-place network would have an unmerited influence on what happens in the work-place. Clearly, social media is not in itself bad but the important question raised was, who is in charge?
By extension, the Data Protection Act, the government monitoring tool, allows the government to help itself to any data held in the UK, we have a potential expansion of state monitoring of recruitment.

RE: Social Media Policy

26 Jan 2018, 17:16

This announcement 'sticky' is specifically concerned with RM employees inappropriate use of internet connections & computers in RM offices and properties. It also concerns RM employees use of social media outlets that might be considered libellous or defamatory towards other people that work for RM or against Royal Mail as a whole. It does not concern any possible use of the internet by RM to collect information or data for use by RM.

Please be aware this this forum in particular and social media on the internet in general is being scrutinised meticulously all the time and especially now by Royal Mail. Try to be courteous and reread your posts before pressing the 'submit' button to decide if what you have written could be considered libellous or defamatory by anyone else reading it. As long as you feel you can fully defend what you have written and it is your honest opinion go ahead and press 'submit'.

Fight the good fight !! :nervous

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