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Strike Dates !

13 Jun 2007, 15:56

Hi Guys. Any News on when we take the fight to Messer's Laurel n Hardy. :crazy:

13 Jun 2007, 17:14

None at all yet,the union have wrote to them asking for fresh negotiations a.s.a.p.

13 Jun 2007, 17:50

latest Information recieved

A message from Dave Ward (DGS) Postal

Dear Colleagues,

The Postal Executive has met today along with
your Senior Field Officials and Regional Secretaries to consider our
next steps.

The Postal Executive has decided to give Royal Mail a further and final
opportunity to engage in fresh and meaningful negotiations before any
strike action takes place. We have also written an open letter to the
Chairman setting out the Union's position. A copy of this letter is
attached and should be distributed in all workplaces as soon as

A further communication is also being sent to your home addresses.

The letter to Royal Mail demonstrates that the CWU continues to act in a
responsible way and remains determined to reach an agreement. However,
we have also made it abundantly clear that if Royal Mail do not return
to the negotiating table and stop the attacks in every workplace then
they will bring about the first national postal strike in 11 years.

The Postal Executive is on standby and will meet next week to decide
what action is required.

Kevin Slocombe
Head of Communications

<<Alan Leighton 60000.doc>>

Sent by;
John Colbert
Campaigns Manager
Communication Workers Union
150 The Broadway
London SW19 1RX
Tel: 020 8971 7244
Mobile: 07714 504424
Fax: 020 8971 7437


13 Jun 2007, 17:53

Cheers pillar box :Applause

13 Jun 2007, 17:53

Dear Allan

I am disappointed at your knee-jerk reaction to publicly ignore the views of the work force in response to their overwhelming ‘yes’ vote.

We both know a secret strike ballot at home – where people weigh up all the arguments and consequences – is the clearest message of all.

You told your employees to make up their own minds – they did.

Postal workers have rejected your plans and are telling you they are fed up with the way that they are being treated by Royal Mail. Postal workers want you to negotiate an improved deal with their union – not sit on the sidelines and abrogate your responsibilities.

I am offering you a further opportunity to reflect on your position and engage in fresh and meaningful negotiations before any strike action takes place. I would also ask you to consider the following points:

Modernisation - You keep using the phrase ‘Modernisation’ like a mantra without ever explaining what you really mean. Let me remind you. It was CWU who led the campaign for government investment – the real debate is how we use that money to benefit the customers, workforce and the company.

The Union will not face away from change and we have a long history of successfully dealing with automation. You cannot continue to hide behind the word ‘modernisation’ when what you really mean is cuts in the service, cuts in pay and cuts in jobs.

Royal Mail must be more realistic about what can be achieved in advance of automation. It will be the agreed introduction of automation that can reduce costs whilst at the same time improving service and properly rewarding staff. This means you must step back from the current damaging cost cutting frenzy taking place in every office.

CWU want an agreement on automation that genuinely helps the company face up to the challenge of competition, maintains the public service, looks after those staff who choose to leave and improves the terms and conditions for those who stay. This would mean the company returning to our previously agreed approach and working with the union.

Pay - You know we have not asked for a 27% pay rise. You should refrain from deliberately misleading the public on this point. What postal workers want is a decent basic living wage. The Union will be realistic about what can be achieved in the short term but with April inflation at 4.8% we will not accept a pay cut in real terms. The company can afford a better deal - government investment has been secured - additionally ColleagueShare is being made available. We could easily reshape that package and jointly deliver a decent basic increase now.

By refusing to negotiate you are revealing publicly that your real motivation is about destroying the union rather than working with us to make Royal Mail a success.

You have always said that leadership is about listening and taking the workforce with you. Its time you proved it. I urge you to get directly involved in immediate negotiations. However, if you choose to press on regardless with your cuts and attacks on the workforce then you will be responsible for the first national postal strike in 11 years.

I look forward to a positive response.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward
Deputy General Secretary (P)

13 Jun 2007, 19:08

Let's hope Dave sent that letter to fackfeatures in pop-up form !!! :cool :funneh :lfo :cfo

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