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Stand or deliver Gordon?

12 Jun 2007, 00:25


Stand or deliver Gordon?

Will Gordon Brown Stand with posties? Or will he choose to deliver when Alan Leighton and Cronier......... sorry Crozier claim they will deliver mail to undermine any action legal strike action that we decide to take?

No wonder the Labour party avoided a vote for leader at all costs I think thousands of trade unionists would've love to have had a vote.

The is not just a fight for a Postal Service we're drawing a line in the sand the Labour Party with trade unions here, for all you trade unionists and any Labour party members if we let Gordon of the hook we may as well have the Tories back.

At least we would have our days and get to kick'em back a bit, at the momemt we're being promised that we will have our turn behind the bikesheds but sh*t me at this rate when comes our trousers are going to come down and I'm guessing we'll need stitches!!!!!!!!!!


12 Jun 2007, 04:31

The labour party did not avoid a vote for leader at all costs. The labour MP's may have done but certainly not the party.

Its unfortunate that to stand a canidate needs a certain number of MP's to nominatehim/her and johnMcdonnel did not get the required number of MP's backing him. Only the MP's can decide if there will be a contest through there nominations.

Crap way of doing things, but then under blair internal labour party demcrocy was weakened.

The labour party's rank and file 200,000 members dont get a say if there will be a contest or not, only a vote on the canidates that received enough backing from their fellow labour MP's .

The rank and file would have loved a contest, looks like we have to wait untill GB steps down.

12 Jun 2007, 11:53

Call me cynical,but what are the odds that the CWU will announce the first day of industrial action on Gordon Browns first day
as PM.....the 28th of June?

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