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10 Jun 2007, 19:36

ARGUS:Is the Plymouth and East Cornwall & Cornwall Amal Branch of the CWU.
Their pay bulletins are top notch and we'll be featuring them regularly as we have done for some time now.

2007 pay bulletin number 45:

Latest Management Letters
You will have all received letters from Royal Mail at the weekend. These are the latest in a long line of negative campaigning from the business. This bulletin is specifically aimed at covering off the points raised by Royal Mail in the correspondence.

Industrial Action
Royal Mail stated that the CWU mislead you and asked you to vote yes and there would be no industrial action. This is absolute rubbish. The target for the CWU remains to reach a negotiated settlement and we have written to the business in an attempt to seek further talks! Our members have overwhelmingly rejected Royal Mails slash and burn approach and if they are a responsible employer then Royal Mail must re-engage in fresh talks.

The Vote
Royal Mail has tried to play down the size of the YES vote based on the fact that some members did not vote and that non-members were not balloted. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the members who did not vote back Royal Mail. In fact if they did then they would have voted no. Over the last few weeks the number of non-members has reduced dramatically. The figures quoted by Royal Mail are outdated. The simple facts are that of the members who took the time and effort to have a say in their future 77.5% backed the CWU. This is the only statistic that matters.

Professional Drivers
Royal Mail have written to our professional drivers and claimed that they should not have been balloted because they have already had their pay rise and they have stated that should there be any industrial action professional drivers will not be involved. To cover off both of these points, the ballot was on pay and Royal Mails business plan. This means we were not just balloting on pay but on the future of our industry. In the letter sent to OPG members even Royal Mail state ‘this dispute has never been about pay’ Maybe they thought we wouldn’t get to read them together?! On Pay it is clearly stated in the professional drivers agreement that you will receive the same percentage as OPGs from October this year. In short this dispute affects every single member in Royal Mail letters and that why you were all balloted!

Going Forward
The CWU are desperate to reach a good negotiated settlement with the business. When you are having your team briefs and WTL session pass this onto your manager and tell them to get Royal Mail back around the table!

77.5% Demand Royal Mail Return to Talks

Plymouth and East Cornwall & Cornwall Amal

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