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BBC NEWS:21K Basic wage!!!!

07 Jun 2007, 15:13

Apparently our basic pay is 21k :d'oh!
Well done BBC :roll:

See when the ballot was announced in the link :Very Happy


07 Jun 2007, 15:22

Have been in the job for 30 years now and my basic pay last year was £ 17058,22p and he struggle,s to live on that, i know it is cheaper to live down here, but it just shows the real amount we postmen/women are on without the london money

21K a year

07 Jun 2007, 16:51

My Basic pay is nowhere near 21K. Last year I earnt just under 18k. This included SA and OT. Just another example of the lazy crap journalists that the Beeb employ. It is this sort of inaccuracies that we will have to battle against in order to get the public on our side.

07 Jun 2007, 16:57

Yes my total income last year was £19,217.14 but that includes everything including bonuses, OT and a pension of £1400 a year - not accurate are they.

07 Jun 2007, 17:01

wot can i say. down ere ghosting is still very active one of the top earners was a postie ex phg on £30k two of his crones who do reasonable ot were on £28k and £26k. management let it happen. if they don't the rounds would go uncovered. even the newbies in our office (ex sainsbury's staff just like the dom ). they are the biggest ghoster's going. except the phg who is also now a temp line manager. wot a w***er. we all get basic cos the wives work to make ends meet and they get away with fraud.


07 Jun 2007, 18:20

where was this on the bbc website they really need to see our side of things and the truth


07 Jun 2007, 23:58

I have just posted a comment on the BBC have your say website ... 0607232545
...and I have suprisingly noticed an awful lot of negative comments towards us posties and our union, These are further compounded by the fact the BBC had dropped a B$%^ck as regards our annual salary. But come on we need public support on this and from what I can see bout 50% think we are just money grabbing t&$ts and our job is a bobbys job and a piece of piss. The public really needs to be aware of the FULL facts and realise we are passionate about our jobs. After reading bout 50 comments started feeling my blood starting to boil, But then If the public think we are striking over money then we don't stand a chance. We need to emphasise to them just what sh"t we have to contend with each day and that its gonna get a whole lot worse over the coming months and years. I don't wanna get another job I enjoy this one I'm even happy with the pay(honestly). Just why cant RM make sensible cuts and investment thats gonna make our job better and not worse and improve upon quality on service , So many people complained about misdeliveries and late mails(days not hours) when I looked on this BBC site It really was unreal. I do believe any QofS issues do need to be sorted straight away, But we need to be armed with the right tools to do the job and not this "as long as it gets done attitude from RM at present" who I personally believe do not give a feck all they are interested in at present is their budgets...What a state we are IN!

08 Jun 2007, 00:12

I've e-mailed them,but then again i e-mailed every national newspaper as well the other day and only one has registered.
Unless some are useing other e-mail addys.
I invited them to come and at least look at it from our side.
Still,don't hold your breath people.

08 Jun 2007, 11:23

think my last p60 was just short of 21k, havent worked o/t for about ten years

08 Jun 2007, 11:32

Wouldn't it ne nice for MDEC staff to get the same, £21k

08 Jun 2007, 12:55

The point here is the average postie does not earn that much as a basic wage.
They are taking the figure from a postie in inner London.
I'm outer Lon and i earnt 19k
Out of London (the majority) it's what,15-16K

09 Jun 2007, 11:33

One of our Postie's rang the BBC to complain about this, they're going to send him a letter of apology!!

Well done 'Comrade'.

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