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Managers Holding Postie Duties

07 Jun 2007, 10:35


When RM wants managers to be managers they are managers.
When they have too many managers the extra managers are reduced to being posties.

I know of at least one manager who is the designated holder of a delivery duty which prevents anyone else from holding the duty.

I have been covering this duty for over 6 months.

Union reps don't seem to have a problem with this issue, they seem to think that this is OK because the managers are trainees.

Surely a manager is a manager and NOT a postie

Please advise

07 Jun 2007, 11:13

Do you mean an 'Acting Manager'
I had this down my old DO,one guy was in the resigns and everything but was never there as he was always out acting.
Nothing you can do as they are out 'Acting' (Acting like c***s if you ask me :wink: ) and can still hold their dutys.

07 Jun 2007, 11:15

Rocky a reformed manager (bless his cotton socks) should be able to answer this and he will give it to you straight if he can.

07 Jun 2007, 14:28

I dont have a problem with acting managers holding their duty as every senior cwu rep also holds a duty somewhere. Very few reps are actually paid by the cwu, they are duty holders who gain release from duties.

I do have a problem with an acting manager working overtime as a postie, then working duty as a manager. Now that should stop!

07 Jun 2007, 14:58

as an acting manager you hold your job/position at all times and repick when needed with everyone else
the theory is that you, just like a normal sub would only step into a job every now and again for s/l or a/l or when a manager is away on other duties,the reality is that for weeks if not months you will be away acting as a manager because there is frequently a shortage of managers and cover managers mainly due to the fact that as a cover manager the treatment you receive is disgracefull both from other managers and from staff

07 Jun 2007, 15:04

sorry forgot when i was bosin o/t did not get paid that changed for a while since we all said no when it was needed,as a cover manager i was sometimes allowed to book o/t at postie rate,funnily enough i once ran a sunday team for a day and booked it as a ml4 the rest of the lads booked sunday s/a and we ll got paid the same amount
my current boss as an interesting point when called to another office to cover walks cuts off at his finishing time

08 Jun 2007, 06:10

In my office we have a acting manager or deputy manager as they are called now. He covers A/L and sick leave and also when a manger is withdrawn or on a course.

I was a cadet with hm back in 1991 to 1993 and im sure you all remember the cadet scheme was supposed to produce future managers.

08 Jun 2007, 11:01

Obviously the system failed in your case BDaz - what went wrong? - no don't tell me - one day whilst on your way to Damascus.......

More to the point though - I have seen loads of acting managers who do not make the grade and find the transition from postie to manager too big a leap - they seem to have difficulty in stop being one of the boys/girls and have a conflict of interest. I don't have a problem with a postman holding a duty whilst acting as a manager - but I have found that this is sometimes abused - however it is only right that he/she should continue to be claed as a postperson. A rep who has full time responsibilities also has a duty signed to him and though each take a different path they should be treated equally shouldn't they?

08 Jun 2007, 11:51

What i find interesting is these acting guys come in as a manager when there is a dispute on.
It has happened down my way.

Also same guy does someone for willful delay or a grievance like that on a Monday.
On a Wednesday you're working next to him on the sorting with him wearing in a Blue shirt.

08 Jun 2007, 12:17

I dont like acting mangers doing conduct code, its not good for employee relations.What is wrong with the normal mangers dong it?

08 Jun 2007, 12:44

What went wrong dvbuk55 is that RM was stuck in the stone age back in the early 90's so when you finished your two years as a cadet you were simply abandoned into the system to becomea rank and file postman!

Other companies had much more professional schemes especially the big supermarkets. They kept you on training schemes with a clearly defined progression route.

I was sending off for info from lots of companies when i was 16 and looking for a job, but RM seemd to be the best option.

Why? Well the advert in the glossy job magazine for school leavers that was given to school leavers in their final few months at school sounded really good and the delivery office was less than 5 min away on my bike. £100 a week take home and a training scheme that sounded really good was enough to make me apply and accept the job when i was offered it.

Nowdays being a operations manger in RM holds no appeal to me what so ever! Frontline Operational mangers in RM are proably the most unprofessional and lacking peole skills more so than many other big companies!

08 Jun 2007, 16:44

Ah - those heady days of the 90s' - when we could actually earn some money :dance

However what seemed such a good deal in the latter end of the 20th century has turned into the fatted calf of the 21st, but I take heart from the fact you are still here - many became disillusioned and left so there is still some hope for the future! [/img]

08 Jun 2007, 18:08

Acting managers are still union members. Because of this while they are acting managers they are permitted to attend all union meetings and sign in seniority order for duties. If you discriminate against union member for being an acting managers it is exactly that, discrimination.

My personal view is that you cannot have a foot in both camps without getting into trouble with either side. For example they would attend a union meeting as a member/acting manager but if there's a strike what they going to do? they don't know themselves.

08 Jun 2007, 19:01

simple answer i gave when asked the same question if im bossin when strikes are on i go sick depending on last 12 months or i work if im not bossin i strike with everyone else

08 Jun 2007, 19:59

[simple answer i gave when asked the same question if im bossin when strikes are on i go sick depending on last 12 months or i work if im not bossin i strike with everyone else]

I wonder if you could clarify that statement - do you still manage?

It would appear that statement meant you were either hedging your bets by striking if it suited, work if it suited, go sick if it suited - being an acting manager doesn't surely change an instruction from the union does it?[/quote]

09 Jun 2007, 11:18

short version blue shirt strike bossin work
im an ex manager now but at the time i wanted to become full time boss but it was never going to happen
and no there was no strikes at the time
and as an aside i dont blindly follow instructions from the union any more than i do from rm
clear and simple as a rm pay rise offer
and before you ask i voted yes

09 Jun 2007, 17:32

You still seem to be hedging there Rocky - voting for a strike and then "not following a union instruction blindly". - it's not blindly is it? The union merely carry out the mandate given by the R&F.

09 Jun 2007, 19:09

Sorry to jump in here but Rocky works in my office and is a good bloke. I think he even bossed me once, (You did didn't you) and he was ok, he told you straight and gave no crap.

I think your making a mountain out of a molehill dvb I think what he meant was that he takes on board what RM and the CWU say and then makes his own mind up. He has already stated that if a strike is called he'll be out with the rest of us. When he was a manager he would have been in an awkward position and would have done his damnedest to find some way of not working. Seems pretty fair to me.

Don't forget he is an EX-Manager and is now a hard working postie.

10 Jun 2007, 08:54

Yes - very commendable.

A mountain out of a molehill? I merely responded to what was posted and stick by my original opinion - you are EITHER fish or fowl not NEITHER fish nor fowl depending on the circumstances.

10 Jun 2007, 10:12

what hedging i answered your question and tbt yes i did boss you i got you into the callers office when you asked me to
dv what answer do you want i have 15 years service i have been on the picket line at every strike we have had in that time,i was the first out of the door behind the drivers rep in a walk out,i still get people coming to me for advice years after i stopped bossin,i dont work extra unpaid,are you picking a long disatance fight here or what
when people go bossin most of them do it for a reason,be it career advancement,more money or maybe for reasons of injury etc,there is nothing wrong with that,do you have a problem with a man trying to bring more money home for his family because if you do i dont think you are the kind of person i would want anything to do with
when you are bossin you a stuck with the situation luckily it never happened to me i emphasise that the statement was theoretical what more do you want

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