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Preston to London via Ipswich and Essex?

23 Aug 2020, 23:32

Hi all,
I work for Royal Mail so well aware of the RM side of the business but not so much Parcelforce.
I've been waiting for a new bike- needed desperately to get me to and from work - posted via PF in Preston last Wednesday on a 24hr service (which i know is currently suspended).
I knew it was unlikely to arrive next day, but it sat in Preston Depot for 2 days without moving. Then on Saturday it moved to Ipswich Depot and this morning it was in Essex Depot.
Everything i've had delivered via PF in the past has come via London NW Depot.Is it normal for a parcel to travel so far across the country on route to West London? I had expected a more direct route possibly Preston to Coventry and onto London NW.
I know all our logistics are up in the air a bit at the moment, but this seems a little extreme to me - where next Cornwall? I was half expecting to see it on the bench for tonights Champions League Final :-)

If anyone can shed any light, it would be greatly appreciated. Your cutomer services just said they had no idea for the various delays and didn't know what route it should have taken.
Many Thanks.

Preston to London via Ipswich and Essex?

24 Aug 2020, 22:44

Turns out some bright spark had confused brentford, Middlesex with brentwood, Essex - despite the clear address and postcode.
The item has now been scanned at Ipswich once more as a missorted item.
A phone call to PF put me in touch with a lovely lady at Ipswich Depot who has told me that the item is definately not there and does not understand how it was scanned as it was. She is now investigating and will call me tomorrow.
Just gets better and better. :arrrghhh

Preston to London via Ipswich and Essex?

25 Aug 2020, 21:20

Ball ache freight.

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