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1st Stage Warning

11 Jul 2020, 15:52

Had a period of absence due to ongoing hip and knee problems,just had two weeks certificated which has triggered a stage 1.will have a meeting on Tuesday with boss,any thoughts from people as to the impact on such a warning,have done 38 years and had a few years back,just wondered what experiences others have had,is it used as such in other workplaces,regardless of cause of absence etc,is it a one size fits all thing,am having a work colleague is with me,just wondered what the purpose is,scare tactics or genuine helpfull guidance to keep you employed,and what the boss has to do,should do.doesnt have to do ,etc many thanks,

1st Stage Warning

11 Jul 2020, 16:11

First stage is automatically kicked off by the computer when your sickness levels hit the limit.
The boss doesn't have to issue the stage if there are extenuating circumstances but lately pressure from upstairs has seen first stages issued regardless.

It's basically a box ticking exercise but you get to, and I would, take a rep who knows the ins and outs. Unless the work mate you're planning on taking with you knows the ropes all they'll be any good for is if a witness is needed later.
Did the fortnight taken off cure your medical issues or just give you time to recuperate ? Iis this an ongoing medical issue that has caused previous absences? A rep and boss need to take theses things into account and while it probably won't stop a first stage review being issued it might help with a potential second stage warning.

Rep, every time.

1st Stage Warning

11 Jul 2020, 16:14

I had a stage 1 issued about 5 years ago for a broken ankle, it was my 1st absence in over 2 years. I kept in regular contact with the boss throughout and attended any hospital appointments. stage 1 was trigged and issued. Boss listened with good intention and”sympathy “ at my back to work interview and next day said here you go and handed me my envelope with Stage 1 warning inside :cry

1st Stage Warning

11 Jul 2020, 16:29

Many thanks for your input,yes this is a second period of absence from my initial knee injury some months ago,which resulted in a meniscus tear,had a few days off then went back with bearable discomfort,gradually got worse and struggled on walking bits of my rural round,following doctors consultation suggested signed off for 2 weeks rest,with a view to return on a less sedentary roll ie callers office and reduced delivery span,pending an appointment for mri scan which is Monday,we have a plan in place for me to do some indoor work with the delivery office support going out on my round,which he is happy to do,does light duties exist anymore?our boss says he’s happy to help but seems a bit doom and gloom and not helped by still having a guy off self isolating for a few more weeks till his return,and plans were for him to do my delivery on his return,but all has to fit in with staff levels,loaning out lapsing,and budgets etc,were never sure what the boss has to do or what he wants to do in this climate and his bosses spin on it

1st Stage Warning

11 Jul 2020, 16:44

There's also social distancing in the mix as well, only a limited amount of staff allowed in at a time.

How far away is the local MC?

1st Stage Warning

12 Jul 2020, 22:57

Robert, bosses are always fighting a battle against something, sickness levels, hours taken out, budgets etc etc. None of it should be your problem so don't let it be. Take your rep in to any meetings and don't let the screw f***ers weasel their way out of what has been agreed re a work plan. The ploy plays out like this, get you back to work with a work plan, then start to stray asking a little more of you here and there. Suddenly, when it appears that you're not improving adequately according to their strict timetable, they can't accommodate you any more for some bullshit reason and hope that the prospectof you going back on the sick and accruing yet ANOTHER sickness absence on your record will incentivise you to just get on with it or quit. Also is your Dom painting a discouraging picture of doom and gloom for you in the hope you will just get on with it? Not unlikely.

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