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Hip and knee problems

29 May 2020, 17:35

Any advice on what Royal Mail can or should offer in regard to welfare and treatment on my hip and injured knee,the hip is ongoing due to arthritis but bareable,jarred my knee a few months ago whilst walking my dogs had a few days off sick,and went back to callers office for a few days,seemed on the mend now flared up again and swollen,subsequently a bit of a struggle on my rural round,any advice? Am 59 and done 38 years,hospital appointments pending and on pain relief,ideally need to rest ,but not sure they will accommodate me doing the callers office,or I just go sick rest and get it fixed.

Hip and knee problems

29 May 2020, 18:33

Got bit of arthritus in knee was referred to Escape Pain programme where you participate in a group. My knee has been a lot better just need to keep exercising. Anyone can do this programme they have a website and also a phone app.

Hip and knee problems

29 May 2020, 18:35

Was hospital consultant who referred me i might add.

Hip and knee problems

29 May 2020, 18:54

Cheers my friend,think somewhen I’ll get an mri scan and may be keyhole surgery but not sure they want to do that,maybe will mend on its own,but does take a hammering whilst on delivery every day

Hip and knee problems

29 May 2020, 19:23

I was told they used to offer surgery but after couple of years you are no better off, so unless totally seized up cannot move it etc alternative solutions explored.

Hip and knee problems

29 May 2020, 22:56

Go to you G. P. and get a fit note to state you're unfit for your regular role (delivery) but could possibly partake other roles e. G. Callers office/indoor work. Give it to your DOM, it's on his head then whether he sends you sick or utilises you elsewhere but at least you've made yourself available for alternative work

Hip and knee problems

30 May 2020, 09:41

Are there any others in a similar position (there's only a very limited number of indoor roles within a DO)? How far away is the local MC?

Hip and knee problems

30 May 2020, 14:21

No it’s just me mail centre is miles away am still hoping for evr as the boss keeps on about savings to be made in the office,I’d go tomorrow no question,we have some selfish blinkered people in our office that happily get done a couple of hours early whilst others still out,ill continue to limp and trudge round until it hopefully starts to mend?

Hip and knee problems

30 May 2020, 18:01

If I was offered EVR would bite their hand off to take it.
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Hip and knee problems

30 May 2020, 18:41

With your knee and hip problems have you thought about IHR. Less money than EVR but if an offer of EVR seems unlikely then it might be the next best thing given your age, years of service and the type of injuries.

Hip and knee problems

30 May 2020, 20:29

When my hip went, they were pretty good and accommodated me by allowing me to do half a delivery for maybe 6 months. As i was only early 50s the consultant didnt want to do the op as i was too young, but in the end relented when i said RM were going to IHR me if they didnt do it. Before IHR, Royal mail should do a scoping exercise where they try to put you in a role you are able to do in your area. If their are none suitable then they can try and IHR you. I had the hip replaced and have been back on full delivery for 4 years now. Your problems may well be able to be corrected with surgery so dont let RM force you out if you want to continue. I think letting people at the hospital know that you need to have the problems solved for your job will help you get the treatment you need more quickly..

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