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24 Nov 2008, 11:58

This list is a not a list of Official Royal Mail abbreviations but terms used by Posties at work, and RMC members when posting. If you have any not on here please PM Teebs.

552 an overtime docket

ADM Area Delivery Manager

ADR Area Delivery Rep

AHDC Automated Hours Data Capture

ASR Area Safety Rep

A.G. Associate Grade. Part time postal worker. (now defunct but still used as slang to differentiate between FT and PT workers

Alt  A trolley but this one has the floor attached to a spring so as you unload it.

AOD Accident on Duty

APC's Automated Processing Centres

A Plus Program used to add/remove/amend delivery points/hazards/delivery instructions - Used to print out Walk Log

ASAP Advanced Sorting and Preparation - used on days or periods prior to normal preparation for mail delivery where bulk mailings or seasonal peaks may put additional pressure on mail delivery personnel

ATOS RMs Occupational Health Provider (Their Full Name is ATOS Origin)

Breakfast An inside joke resulting from a joke about a postie retiring and the punchline being "Breakfast was my idea" Original post ... 5&start=15

B&H Bullying and Harassment.

Callers Office Office within a DO where customers collect mail from Box Numbers or when they have been “Form Left”

CDO City Delivery Office

CDV Deliveries A form of delivery based on 2 postal workers in Car Derived Vans

Collapsing When a walk is divided between various posties and that they must deliver along with their own duty. Usually for a limited period

Counters Slang Term for Post Offices and their Staff.

CFC Culler Facer Canceller - A machine that separates machinable mail, cancels the stamp and faces it up for the next machine, usually 5 staff per CFC

Cutting Off Slang term used when Postal workers cannot complete their duty within their contracted hours and do not wish to work overtime.

CWU Communications Workers Union

D2D Door to Door . Un-addressed advertising mail.

DBF Drop Bag Fitting - Where packets are sorted

DDA Disability Discrimination Act. Diretgov guidance Now called the Equality Act

DGS(P) Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

Diverts Letters and flats from an MC to a DO for a particular Post Code town that have not been sorted to into sectors.

DO Delivery Office

Docket Overtime

DTN Deliver To Neighbour

DOM Delivery Office Manager

Door Stepping Slang for leaving item at address when no-one was present. Very Dangerous practice in relation to job security and frowned upon.

DPT Delivery Productivity Tool

DM Delivery Methods - when refering to revisions.

DSA Downstream access mail. Competitors Mail that enters the system further down the pipeline usually at Mail Centres. TNT, UK Mail, Lynx

DSM Delivery Sector Manager

EA Equality Act (replaced the DDA)

ERICA Electronic Reporting of Incidents for Collating & Analysis

FCT Facer Canceller Table. A machine where people segregate rejects from the CFC and feed them into a stamp canceling machine, around 10-15 staff.

Flat A4 sized letter or anything between C5 and A4

Flexing Changing start or finish times by ½ hour when required

FLF First Line Fix – Internal system of purchasing items to improve working/rest areas.

Floater A person who's job is to cover sickness/holiday duties sometimes called a Reserve or a Cover

Form Left Packets or Items requiring signature that could not be delivered also knows as DIB

FSM Flat Sorting Machine. A machine that sorts letter bigger than C5 up to phone book size, usually 10 staff .

Geo-Route Computer Program with many variables designed to plan walks. No current National agreement in place on its implementation although a lot of DOs are undergoing or have been done.

Gun Slang for Old fashioned scanning equipment used within Royal Mail to Track location and delivery of traceable items. Not as versatile as the PDAs and not usually used on delivery duties.

H&S Health and Safety

HCT High Capacity Trolley

HSE Health and Safety Executive

HWDC Heathrow World Distribution Centre

HYS Have Your Say surveys.

IPS Inward Primary Sorting

IWT Indoor Workload Tool

LA Letter Administrator

LAT Latest Arrival Times (when the last wave is PLANNED to arrive at certain points in the piple line)

LTBIH Leaving the Business through Ill Health

Kill Off Items or process used to return mail to sender when undeliverable.

KNP Key National Postings

Koffin A coffin shaped plastic trolley with wheels

Lapsing When a walk is divided between various posties and that they must deliver along with their own duty. Usually for an extended period like Summer.

Locker Room where Registered items are signed off (Sometimes called Prio-locker)

LSM Letter Sorting Machine. Machine that sorts letters C5 and under, usually 2 staff

LTB Letter to Branches issued by the Union.

Mail Rail The former underground mini railway between Paddington & Whitechapel used for transporting parcels.

Mailsort Items that are pre-paid such as Sky Magazine. Mail Sort 1 2 and 3. Different delivery details such as cost and time for each type.

MC Mail Centre

MCM Mail Centre Manager

MDEC Manual Data Entry Centre or Clerk. Where postcodes are manually added to letters that the machines cannot decipher automatically or where handwriting can't be read by automatic sorting equipment. Suffixes such as MDEC'4' denote where the machine is - i.e. Stoke-On-Trent.

Mech Bundle Mail that has been sorted by a machine

Meter Business mail with postage paid from a meter machine and meter stamped

Meter Bags Specially designed bags that firms use for sending metered mail. Must be returned to the firm daily.

Miss Sort Run The last dispatch to a DO which must be sorted before Postal Officers are allowed to be released to walks or duties.

Miss-sorts Items that have been incorrectly bundled on a delivery. Or mail that has been sorted to the wrong Office or Duty.

MPU Mail Processing Unit

MS1 MS2 & MS3 Mailsort 2 and 3. different classes of mail, mainly used for mail called junk mail by the public. MS3 usually not delivered on Saturdays.

Newbie New employee

Nugget New employee

OMV Official motor vehicle

OPG Operational or Ordinary Postal grade (usually signifies a FT worker when used as slang)

P4550 Delivery cards For recorded/Internationals/Specials that customers sign.

P739 Sorry you were Out card.

Packet Parcels and large items

PBS Peformance Bonus Scheme

PCM Production Control Manager

PDA Postal Digital Assistant – Mobile Hand held computer used for updating traceable delivery items. Also capable of sending Text Messages, Voice Calls and sending GPS data to a base location.

PEC Postal Executive Committee – Highest Union Committee within the CWU Postal Section

PCOD Private Cars on Delivery

Pegasus Another Name for Geo-Route

Perstop Plastic Tray for storing letters and flats

PHG Postal Higher Grade - Now defunct but a term used as slang for skill based jobs such as Prio Locker

POL Post Office Limited

Postie Non-gender specific name for a Postwoman or Postman

Postman Term used for male employees of RM with non supervisory roles

Postwoman Term used for female employees of RM with non supervisory roles

Pouch Slang Term for Red Royal Mail bag

Pouching Off Generic Term for placing undelivered items back into the system either through a Post Office, Post Box or Pouch Box without returning to DO.

PPI Postage Paid Impression (pre-paid envelope style)

Prios Slang terms for Special Delivery Items

Prio Locker Controlled Access office which sorts and preps Priority Service Items Also Known as RLE

PSP People Systems Portal LTB introducing it at ... tb#p418497

Puppy Walker Trainer of new staff, mainly used in deliveries for obvious reasons.

Raw Refers to packets, letters and flats that enter a DO from an MC unsorted and mixed together.

Re-sign A process where all or some duties are changed and people select duties on seniority.

Revision Replotting, replanning and changing duties with an office or section. Usually followed by a resign.

RICE Rest Ice Compression Elevation (treatment of injuries)

RIDDOR Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations

RLE Registered letter enclosure (Prio Locker)

RM2000 Vertical Slot frame

RMGTT Scanning guns used in RLE to scan in items/confirm the P4550s

Room of Doom Slang Term for Callers Office

RSC Rigid Stackable Conatiner

SA Scheduled Attendance - Contracted Overtime or Part-timer that only works Saturdays 

SDD Single Day Delivery Agreement

SDs Special delivery items which are insured and guaranteed (in theory) to be delivered by either 9am or 1pm

Shroud A York with a tough cloth insert with a floor that raises as weight diminishes.

Sleeve A cardboard insert to a Yorkie – Should not be used without a false base.

SOM Sorting Office Manager

SPDO Scale Payment Delivery Office

Specials Generic term for Special Delivery items 9am and 1pm.

SSOW Safe Systems Of Work

Stages Disciplinary process used with Royal Mail consisting of 3 stages

Staged To be placed on one of the 3 disciplinary Stages

Serious A slang term usually used with a time length in front, for a disciplinary warning where future breach can lead to dismissal. For example “They got a 2 year Serious”.

Stirs Registered Letters (old term for prios)

SWW Shorter working week

Three One Eight (318s) Document which describes the layout of a duty from start time to finish time.

TPO Travelling Post Office. Refers to one or more carriages on a moving train used for sorting letters and packages.

TPM Total Productive Maintenance - An allowance for clearing minor jams, replacing simple belts, and additional machine
cleaning. Para 11 ... wances.pdf

VOC Vehicle Operation Centre

WAM Work Area Manager

WCM World Class Mailing - A Japanese system of working adopted by Royal Mail.

WLA Workload Assessment, WLA workstations have guns to zap in traffic volumes into mail centres and processed within

WSM Walk Sequencing Machine – A machine that sorts letters into the sequence that it should be delivered.

WTLL Work Time Listening and Learning session - Weekly half hour sessions on various topics,

WTC work time coach

York A large upright trolley, used for moving sacks and trays of mail. So named because York was the first place to use them.

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