Gabriel March Granados Postman stole mail - Prosecutors wanted sentence of 384,912 years and 19 million Euros.

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Gabriel March Granados Postman stole mail - Prosecutors wanted sentence of 384,912 years and 19 million Euros.

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Gabriel March Granados was a postman who on January 28, 1968, aged 18, went to work in the Mallorcan post office as an interim urban postman. In that post he remained for more than two years, until March 31, 1970, he was dismissed from his position because of a series of irregularities detected in his work.

The post office of Palma de Mallorca decided to denounce the irregularities. After several months conducting the relevant investigations, in March 1972 the prosecutor of the Provincial Court of Palma de Mallorca filed charges against Gabriel, accusing him of 42,768 crimes of infidelity in the custody of documents and theft, one for each of the letters that He had been assigned to distribute and had never reached his destination.

The police investigations had determined that Gabriel, during the little more than two years he was in office, stopped delivering a total of 42,768 letters, of which opened 30,850 ordinary and 4,868 urgent, leaving the remaining unopened. From all those letters he recovered checks worth 9,536 dollars, 237,000 pesetas, 1,328 Swedish crowns and 20 German marks, which translated into current money would be the equivalent of 50,000 euros. For all this, the prosecutor proposed a sentence of 384,912 years (9 years for each of the letters not delivered), as well as a fine valued at 341.5 million pesetas of the time, which would be equivalent to about 19 million of current euros (380 times the value stolen from checks of open letters).

The trial took place, and the one in Gabriel was repentant and told how instead of distributing the documents that were assigned to deliver, he was depositing them in different cupboards of the office and instances of his home, arranging for his own benefit the checks and valuables found in the stolen cards. Finally, the judge only condemned Gabriel for two unique crimes. On the one hand he was convicted of a crime of infidelity in the custody of documents, and on the other hand was convicted of a crime of theft. The final sentence that fell on Gabriel was only 14 years and 2 months, along with a fine of 9,000 pesetas.
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