Royal Mail post delays due to staff shortages, what you said

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Royal Mail post delays due to staff shortages, what you said

Post by TrueBlueTerrier » ... ages-said/

HOMES in parts of Oxfordshire have been left without post for weeks because of a shortage of postal workers.

Last week we reported how people in Wallingford and Didcot had slammed Royal Mail after months of postal delays, with some letters and parcels taking two weeks to be delivered.

Conservative MP for Wantage David Johnston even got in touch with the service after continuous complaints from residents.

Here is what our readers said on Facebook about delays receiving post.

Jessie Shelton: “Has been annoying specially when waiting for important letters. Then parcel paying for first or even next day or 24 hour and it takes two weeks to get here. Just not on.

"Posting out the area fast, gets there next day or within three days. Not using Royal Mail anymore at minute paying for couriers instead. Not sure why they have not hired temp staff to help.”

Sarah Gray: “Same in Wantage. We have a weekly magazine that is now over a week late. Situation much worse here than in last lockdown.”

Vcky Poyser: “This has been going on since the turn of the year here in Thame, in fact back in to last year. We are currently very lucky if we get post fortnightly.... when you see a post person it’s like discovering a new species, the excitement is hard to contain, you kind of what to capture to take photos to send to scientists!

"But it is ridiculous, even our sorting office is only open a couple of hours here and there, so even going to collect your post doesn’t work!”

Leanne Parsler: “I posted a number of parcels last Saturday most people have received but some people haven’t just hope they get to them.”

Lu Launa Anthony: “Yep, we’ve been experiencing delays of over a week in first class mail and parcels arriving with us in the villages between Didcot and Wallingford.”

Charlotte Calvert: “Temporary cover - I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who have lost their jobs due to Covid?”

Stephanie Lester: “Been living in Thame for three years now and we’ve never had regular post! It’s nothing to do with this coronavirus crap. We’re lucky to get post once a week, and most parcels have to be collected from the office.”

Simon Nicholls: “Yes. Had this and its very frustrating. Especially with Christmas coming up and haven’t received any parcels since late September.”

Adrian Mroczkowski: “Unfortunately haven’t seen any small or large parcel from Royal Mail in last three weeks, feel sorry for posties and sellers who are as well experiencing a lot of complaints on undelivered parcels.”

Roy Ford: “Why did the 'managers' not get out and do the work?”

Evelyn Godwin Mostopher: “Since September I posted to South Africa the person has not received yet through Royal Mail.”

Richard Shirley: “Another privatisation success story.”

Paul Rowe: "Disgraceful."

Nick Smith: "Furloughed staff doing the responsible thing. The delivery company that deliver food to my school kitchen were delayed last Monday, due to a lot of furloughed staff.

"If you have symptoms, you have to isolate. Are your important parcels and letters more important than the lives of the staff ?"

Anthea Dudley: "Congratulations on your active MP."

Venetia Bishop: "Like this in Cowley too!"

Sarah Neilson: "It is frustrating especially if you are waiting for some important letters."

Steve Evans: "It's been like this in Oxford since March, but what do you expect, the whole system is effected like everything else.

"Overseas mail is even worse. Feel lucky it is far worse in other countries with mail not being delivered at all, just stacked in warehouses."

Lloyd Barrett: "I live in Rose Hill in Oxford I have been waiting for mail for ages now."

Jacqui Mallarini: "I’m not paying first class again. Four weeks it took."
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Re: Royal Mail post delays due to staff shortages, what you said

Post by frankieboy »

I thought we were employing an extra 33,000 temporary staff.
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Re: Royal Mail post delays due to staff shortages, what you said

Post by PostmanBitesDog »

I'm up to date on my duty, but I was stopped on the street on three occasions today by three concerned citizens visiting from other parts of the city not on my duty enquiring about a letter or package they've been waiting days for.

Each one of them didn't realize that Royal Mail is currently understaffed due to the pandemic.

It's like, "Virus? Lockdown? Self-quarantining? People dying? What the duck are you talking about, Postman Pat? Where's my f***ing parcel?!"
Announcement From Royal Mail Management: "The beatings will continue until morale improves."
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Re: Royal Mail post delays due to staff shortages, what you said

Post by postiepete2 »

Selfish and ignorant :crazy:
We're working all year while lots of people have done nothing and getting more money than us :thumbdown
and moan if their parcels a day late :evil/mad
People order parcels and can't be bothered to get out of bed :no no
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Re: Royal Mail post delays due to staff shortages, what you said

Post by Stormproof »

Strange how we were apparently all ‘heroes’ through the 1st lockdown, now we are lazy. They must think we’re immune. Meanwhile they are all ‘working from home’ ordering crap continuously.
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