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Aberdeen postal workers walk out amid claims staff attended Royal Mail office while Covid-19 positive

15 Oct 2020, 09:37 ... -positive/

Aberdeen postal workers walked out after colleagues turned up for work at a Royal Mail office having tested positive for coronavirus last week, it has been claimed.

A whistleblower claims at least one member of the management team at the Kittybrewster delivery centre attended work last week after being tested for the virus – and even went to work after getting their positive result.

Around 10 people chose to leave work to self-isolate having heard the news.

Government rules require people to stay in isolation while awaiting test results.

Royal Mail rejected the suggestion of a “walkout” but revealed the staff members who left work to go into isolation have come back, having tested negative.

Royal Mail said the centre in Ashgrove Road had undergone a deep clean since the positive cases came to light.

Despite that, the whistleblower – who wants to remain anonymous for fear of retribution – told The P&J: “The situation has not changed – two people have been in the workplace after being tested.

“The manager told staff when they were tested and was at work after this, and then a second manager came into work to say they had a positive result too.

“There was meant to be a meeting about the situation with managers from across town in Altens – but then those staff were told not to go near Kittybrewster for health and safety reasons.

“The managers were sent home, others were steered away from the office and staff there had to continue on – it did not feel very safe or very fair.”

Public health advice does not dictate any specialist measures for postal workers, but concerns have been raised the infection could be spread on letters and parcels received at Kittybrewster.

A company spokeswoman did not comment on claims staff had attended work after being tested or after they were confirmed to be coronavirus-positive.

But she said: “Royal Mail takes the health and safety of its colleagues, its customers and the local communities in which we operate very seriously.

“Two of our colleagues recently tested positive for coronavirus at the Kittybrewster delivery office.

“They have mild symptoms and are now recuperating at home and we wish them a speedy recovery.

“We have carried out an intensive clean of the building.

“Managers have been on site throughout and we have followed government guidelines throughout.

“We are currently processing mail as normal at our Kittybrewster office, and the office is open as normal.”

She produced a long list of safety measures the firm has taken in the pandemic, including distancing during parcel delivery, contact-free delivery, hygiene practices and solo drivers in delivery vans.

An NHS Grampian spokeswoman said: “We are investigating a small number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 associated with a Royal Mail delivery office in Aberdeen.

“Contact tracing is under way and guidance on self-isolation is being provided as appropriate.”

The whistleblower said bosses had been “nervous” and had begun handing out antibacterial wipes and masks on a regular basis since The P&J contacted Royal Mail earlier in the week.

Aberdeen postal workers walk out amid claims staff attended Royal Mail office while Covid-19 positive

15 Oct 2020, 17:10

So what are RM going to do with the manager that came in with a positive case of Coronavirus? Anything?

Aberdeen postal workers walk out amid claims staff attended Royal Mail office while Covid-19 positive

15 Oct 2020, 17:40

probably promote him to van share ''overseer''

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