Hero posties in Swindon praised after Covid hits staff numbers

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Hero posties in Swindon praised after Covid hits staff numbers

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People living in West Swindon and Royal Wootton Bassett have been experiencing problems with their post because of a staff shortage at the Royal Mail delivery offices.

The Royal Mail said Covid-related sickness and workers having to self-isolate had led to them struggling to keep up with the demand – with some people yet to receive post this year.

Some have been left without death certificates, GP and hospital appointment letters and bank cards but people have praised the efforts of their posties in difficult circumstances.

Here’s what Adver readers and people in the community had to say....

Kerry Ann Byfield: “The postie in the Parks area is amazing. She is always full of smiles, always wishes a good day and is a credit to Royal Mail.”

Robert H Jordan: “I have only words of thanks for the post deliverers, men and women, who even when the weather would make me think twice of going outside they deliver the mail, and so often it is such good mail.

“And even when the dogs bark at them, they don’t want to eat them up, they want to lick them to pieces for being so kind. Thank you for all you do.”

Sandie Rule: “Don’t knock our posties. They are doing a fantastic job and we have a brilliant relationship with our one.”

Clare Baker: “I can say our postie in Penhill must be THE best postie Royal Mail has!”

Marilyn Beale: “We had some latecomers today – birthday cards arrived three days late – but obviously not the postie's fault. Looks to me they’ve had a few go off sick and now catching up.

“But agree Penhill posties are the best – and the bin men.”

Bethan Trueman: “I’d like to shout out Dawn who delivers round here because she is working hard dealing with all this but still has a smile on her face and a cheery hello etc when she delivers our post. She’s wonderful.

“One thing I loved that she did which really showed her going above and beyond in a job which must be tough anyway, let alone now, is we had an item which was a signed-for 24-hour thing so had to be delivered.

“She remembered it was a girl in our street’s birthday so brought all her cards too so she wouldn’t be without them – really going above and beyond considering she was already doing extra work and rounds!”

Martin Hoar: “Perhaps the story should be about how hard remaining Royal Mail staff are working to plug the gaps. If it’s anything like other businesses then as soon as someone returns, another will be off. Imagine recovering from Covid to go back to work and straight into full on catch-up mode.

Carrie Parker: “It’s not the postal workers' fault they are trying their hardest the were hit with 50 per cent staff off with Covid on top of being short-staffed at their busiest time of the year as well as having to deliver thousands of Covid tests people are ordering, which are prioritised as track mail. Keep up the hard work, posties.”

“Rachel Butler: “I renewed my driver’s licence and got it within three or four days. I wanted to post a positive story too. Posties are all working hard, thank you.”

Rosemary Kent: “They deserve nothing but praise for all their hard work during this pandemic they have never stopped, come what may, having hanf the workforce out, Christmas extra mail and Covid tests so a huge thank you from me.”

Michelle Gibson: “ The post lady in Grange Park does an awesome job and had no issues with deliveries.”

Jane Mackrill: “I can’t fault Royal Mail at all."
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