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Advice needed.

13 Oct 2020, 17:02

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Advice needed.

13 Oct 2020, 20:13

The official guidelines are anyone WITH symptoms should be tested regardless of whether someone in the house has already tested positive.
If someone in the house has symptoms that person isolates for 10 days. Everyone else at home for 14 days from when the symptoms started.
If someone else then gets symptoms that person isolates for 10 days from their start date and any other other household members start 14 days again.
If your partner had changes in smell/taste he should have immediately isolated for 10 days from there start and got tested. If this was the 5th then it's too late to be tested now due to the duration.
If he had tested positive then close contacts should isolate for 14 days from the date they last had contact with him. But as he supposedly hasn't been tested then all you can do is be vigilant on the hands, space, face advice and keep a look out for getting symptoms. Temp of 37.8 or above, new persistent or continuous cough, changes or loss to taste/smell.

Advice needed.

13 Oct 2020, 20:28

Take it up with HR, HR will ask you why you have not social distanced in the office...

If there is someone in your office who has the symptoms of the virus or you found out they have got the virus then they 'should' be classed as 'distance contacts' as per Royal Mail.

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More distant contacts, which would probably include the majority of people who someone works with in a delivery office / mail centre (given that social distancing measures are supposed to be in place), would not fall into this category, so we wouldn’t normally expect them to need to self-isolate.

But yes, your manager should off informed you 100%.
Is proper social distancing going on at your place?

Advice needed.

13 Oct 2020, 23:14

Do you have the feeling RM management do not give a fxxk about you and your family’s wellbeing?

Your Work partner contracted COVID and could of be passed it onto anyone in your office Including those who maybe asymptomatic .This is how the virus spread and kills .

I too, was tested COVID positive .When I returned to work I saw the guy who I was working with the week I caught the virus, and asked him was he told to isolate, he said nobody told him about my infection!
Luckily, I managed to contain the virus to myself and nobody at my workplace was affected.

Totally disgraceful and negligent and management come out with data protection bollocks but really it’s all about getting the duty covered.

My advice is get tested should you feel any symptoms ,refrain from visiting people( especially the elderly) until 14 days have elapsed since you last had contact with your partner, and for the future, I definitely consider to work on my own.

Yes ,also contact Union Health and Saftey Rep and file a complaint.
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Advice needed.

14 Oct 2020, 00:27

How does the OP feel? What should of happened is a long reality from what actually happens in RM because that is part of the problem. It is a communications company that cannot will not communicate with it's own staff!

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