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Furlough Vs 12 Week Isolation Letter......

22 May 2020, 17:20

In everyone's opinion, which is better?

Basically.....Pros and Cons.

For me, on the surface, if you actually have a 12 Week Government Letter why go for Furlough?

You should be guaranteed full pay and would not have to sacrifice any of your Annual Leave.

Or am I missing something here?

And I'm guessing once the current 12 Week Letter runs out, the Vulnerable will have to be issued with another, for probably a similar period of time.

Got to be better than having your case reviewed every 3 weeks on Furlough and potentially having to get ready to return to work.

All and any thoughts welcome.

Furlough Vs 12 Week Isolation Letter......

22 May 2020, 19:27

The business is under no legal obligation to pay staff who are self-isolating under the NHS letter.

I personally don't think they'll withdraw the pay but for some I guess they feel while the furlough scheme is available it's a more secure option but to be fair it's mainly aimed at those who don't qualify for the letter.

Furlough Vs 12 Week Isolation Letter......

22 May 2020, 22:02

I'm surprised Royal Mail did not furlough all the staff with isolation letters from the beginning if that was an option. While I understand the need for those to isolate it seems a large strain to put on any business by the government to pay a large number of staff full pay while not being able to work. Are all businesses paying staff that received the letter or does this just vary from company to company ?

Furlough Vs 12 Week Isolation Letter......

23 May 2020, 08:23

I think all companys are able to Furlough staff with a 12 week isolation letter if they choose to. As the lockdown is now being eased and we are over the peak those that received the letter may be expected to return to work if it is safe or possibly remain on Furlough until October at the latest. Its unlikely that most companys will want to carry on paying staff beyond the 12 week period.

Furlough Vs 12 Week Isolation Letter......

23 May 2020, 09:55

If your sick you will get sick pay
If you have not used your sick pay up, which a good few that have the 12 week letter have
A letter doesn’t mean you are actually sick .but highly vulnerable
The furlough agreement makes sure you’ve used all carry over leave and two weeks of this years
I would like to think the Cwu will fight to get this leave back when this is all over as other non unionised workplaces got furlough without jumping through the hoops
If they are going to force people back to work after the 12 weeks ,they would need to do some serious risk assessments ,otherwise they could be negligent if the said person gets cv19
I’ve heard of people that have shielding letters and even shielding letters for their children and don’t want to use any leave to get furloughed
I’d of thought anyone genuine would be putting theirs or their family’s health first ,but that’s just my opinion.
Royal Mail or Cwu can’t be blamed for them as there is an agreement ,even if it is quite poor .you can still protect the vulnerable
Has anyone had the 3 week review yet ? What does it entail ?
For the people who have used their sick pay up ,how long does it take to recover this and get sick pay again and does the weeks on furlough go towards it ?

Furlough Vs 12 Week Isolation Letter......

23 May 2020, 13:17

I really don't understand why Royal Mail didn't furlough its staff like other employers did from the start. We were just lumped as 'key workers' by the government and our CWU jumped on it by saying that we were like the 4th emergency service instead of pushing the company for a furlough scheme for its workers. Some of our staff perhaps should have been furloughed but instead they have had to jump through hoops taking annual and unpaid leave instead. You've got Terry and a ex-postie in Dave Ward to thank for that. The sooner we get some brains at the head of the CWU the better. They might have the benefit of hindsight but just look at what the teachers union is doing for its teachers.

I think Royal Mail were rubbing their hands together initially because they probably thought 'great,we are still working whilst other businesses have been told to close'. Problem is some businesses have remained open whilst still furloughing workers! So Royal Mail have missed a trick in that they were paying sick pay for anyone isolating whilst trying to maintain a relatively full office running,when they could have kept a part office running whilst furloughing half the staff and only paying 20% of their wages. Who they could have decided who to furlough or not is another discussion,but now furlough is extended till October you can understand why Royal Mail ans CWU are suggesting we look into it.

Furlough Vs 12 Week Isolation Letter......

23 May 2020, 13:43

Well according to big tel ,they got us the 200 pro rata
And Rico was the stumbling block with absolutely everything else
So if they are all taking again. I’d say they should look at the furlough scheme again .
I know a mcdonnalds employee who had just started and worked only 3 shifts and got furloughed with no strings .80% wages ,no union involvement.just the fair thing to do
Pretty unfair when I know of posties that have had to use 8 or 9 weeks leave to be considered .

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