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Co parenting / Coronavirus. Advice wanted

25 Mar 2020, 23:03

I'm looking for some advice. I've been separated for 3 years and have a 8yr old son who I usually have on my days off. I know Michael Gove has said that under 18s are allowed to go to both parents houses but I'm seriously having to consider whether I should have him at my house. I'm out delivering for 4-5hrs every day, coming into contact with God knows what. I would hate to pass anything on to him (and in turn to his mum who has bad asthma). It would be really hard not physically seeing him for the next however many weeks but this week has really got me thinking now. Do I risk having him or not? Thoughts!
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Co parenting - Coronavirus

25 Mar 2020, 23:13

I was talking to an elderly lady today.(over 70). She mentioned it was hard not being able to hug her grandkids. They came to visit, and she had to wave at them through the window. It's sad times.

Co parenting / Coronavirus. Advice wanted

25 Mar 2020, 23:54

The risk isn't particularly for the 8 year old, kids are not invincible but they do seem to be able to deal with the virus pretty well but the real risk is cross contamination between the two households.

If you have a decent relationship with his mum try to talk to her about it, also anyone else involved with either of you. Everybody needs to be a grown up in a decision like this and everybody deserves a voice.

I've got three boys who are all adults now and living elsewhere but I told them early on I wouldn't see them for the duration.

They all have partners with parents and grandparents and others and that's too big an extended risk.

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