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Is a National strike going to work?

18 Sep 2019, 20:29

Iv said this before and I see people saying it in this thread now.

This is political. If we can get the general public on side and get our MP's to take note that it is a vote winner then the USO will be safe. Royal mail is more than just some business to people. It is part of Britains national identity. It provides a service like no other and we shouldn't allow vampires like Rico f***ing Back to dismantle it all for a couple of quid.

What are we doing to gain the publics backing?
What material is being produced aimed at the general public? Making them aware what is at stake. Posters and videos that can be shared on social media. Something viral preferably.

If all the general public see is posties striking over pay all they will think is "Lazy greedy postman". We need to frame it that we are striking to protect THEIR Royal Mail. Not just our jobs.

A start will be explaining whats really going on to friends and family. Then when s**t hits the fan they can tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends etc.

Is a National strike going to work?

18 Sep 2019, 21:28

Coinbags wrote:
Does anyone honestly believe that letters need to be delivered 6 days per week?

The USO review has been brought forward 2 years for a reason - it is unsustainable / unneccesary in today's world and will only become even less neccessary.

Who are the CWU really fighting for ?????

I understand your sentiments and its true that we can't fight technology - we have seen that with the PDAs. But as for the USO its only unsustainable and unnecessary in Royal Mail's world and they have wanted rid of it even before privatisation. Problem is if Royal Mail still generates a reasonable operating profit and can deliver such a service, why would Ofcom agree to get rid of it??

Mail might be down but as we are the only UK company that delivers letters it makes sense that we will continue delivering letters. Just imagine how much profitable Royal Mail could be if it processed all the letters they delivered instead of companies like UKMail and TNT getting in on the act. D2Ds have a lot of untapped potential IMHO but I think Royal Mail's enthusiasm seems to be all about parcels these days. Its a very simple minded strategy to run the mail down, reduce the workforce, sell off loads of real estate and have us operating as a another glorified courier company. The Union is not about £3.5 million per year in subs lost to CWU HQ; its about ensuring that those who wish to leave are not forced out and can leave on generous redundancy terms. And its about the existing staff who stay getting the best possible deal for remaining with the company.

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