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What do our contracts say regarding extending delivery

27 Jun 2019, 18:28

Seeing as after deductions my OT Net is about £7ph as opposed to £9.50ph basic I dont see the point in doing much OT if any. A higher rate of OT is required if they expect people to dig deep. Most people that regularly do OT probably dont think about it and think they are getting the same but they're not. IMO a working hour on tired feet is worth two on fresh, make it double pay and people will be a little more inclined to work it.

What do our contracts say regarding extending delivery

28 Jun 2019, 18:10

robbertwhitton wrote:Spot on my friend well put,it’s cruel to witness indeed and a culture of fear,some on here have no concept of it,and rant about what we should do etc,a constant battle indeed,maybe worth getting him to do a fairness action plan and pay extra for working extra if they choose to,or it comes back when everyone has gone home ,who delivers it? I certainly am not engaging in lengthy chat on the phone as to why I can’t complete in the time given,part timers who get loaned out never have a problem with overtime to complete if they want it,our boss seems to be intent on saving every penny himself to point score ,etc.and certainly not aware of the we don’t bank hours statement,I’m going to have to have a conversation with him about it,of course it only effects a few in the office and not all the time,so I think me him and union rep need to clear the air,and confirm what’s correct and separate fact from fiction

And I expect it only effects those few who are not willing to work for FREE RW ? :shock: Same with us ... Don't worry about the "Chosen Few" who come in to prep early, and stand around waiting for the truck for 30 mins. Rush out the door first and finish 60 - 90 mins early most days. :arrrghhh But you dare to try and claim 45 mins for pressure and the toys come out of the pram. :cuppa

What do our contracts say regarding extending delivery

29 Jun 2019, 03:10

Years ago they said you had to do extra hours when it is busy ie Christmas and you would be handsomely paid for it and you were then. As it stands now they take on new staff and bully them into doing Lapsing or extra or absorption whatever it is called some would call it slavery because they are forced to do it or it would be detrimental to their prospects in the business. I have been told this by asking those who I work with and it was just not one person but all told me it happened to them others would not say a word indoctrination is not just a word these days it is way of life in Royal Mail.

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