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Man tricked Dundee post office staff out of cash in euros exchange scam

04 Oct 2018, 13:58 ... ange-scam/

A scammer walked away with £280 and 400 euros after tricking post office workers.

Ion Munteanu, 24, was involved in a scam where he and another man took British money to post offices and asked to exchange it into foreign currency.

When receiving the foreign money, the men pocketed some of the notes and handed the rest of them back – pretending to change their minds and asking for the full amount of their original notes to be returned.

Appearing at Dundee Sheriff Court, Munteanu spoke for himself after his solicitor withdrew from acting, following an outburst from the accused in court.

Through a translator, he told Sheriff Raymond McMenamin that he wanted to “admit his guilt” and accepted taking an active part in the scam.

Munteanu admitted carrying out the fraud at a post office on King Street, Crieff, and then again the following day at a post office on Albert Street, Dundee, both while acting with another.

At the first location they handed over £500 cash, in £10 notes, and repeatedly asked to change it into other denominations. Each time they took possession of the different bundles of notes they would pretend to hand it all back, while, in fact, pocketing some of the notes.

They fraudulently obtained £280 through this scam, on January 7 2015.

The following day in Dundee, Munteanu and his accomplice took £700 to the post office on Albert Street and handed it over, asking for it to be changed into euros.

They were given 840 euros, removed 400 and hid them up their sleeves, before handing the bundle back, pretending to change their mind and asking for the sterling to be returned.

Sentence was deferred until October 24.

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