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Thanks to loyal Bradshaw Post Office customers

10 May 2018, 14:46 ... customers/

THANK YOU for the support that The Bolton News have contributed in bringing the awareness of the need to keep the local post office open as an essential service for the community.

First and foremost the community of Bradshaw and Harwood including all the wonderful customers who come from other areas to Bradshaw Post Office have indeed been instrumental in sustaining the viability of the post office.

All our customers have been so kind, loyal, supportive, affectionate who made us feel part of their family and community. They will remain indelibly as part of our lives forever. Words are inadequate to express our gratitude to all our customers.

I would also like to mention that without the help of my wife Ayesha and my friend and colleague David, himself a retired postmaster, it would not have been possible for the continuous level of post service to our cherished customers.

I was fortunate by the grace of God to have been able to serve at the post office since 2008. Throughout my term I did not feel going to work but felt as though I was going to meet friends and families. Unfortunately and very sadly owing to ill health my tenure as sub postmaster will come to and end on May 16.

However on the positive side thankfully Post Office Ltd did expedite matters and paved the way for an interim postmaster to ensure continuity in the service. Glenn Chester has been my best contracts manager ever since I embarked in the Post Office Business in April 1990 and am ever grateful to him too.

Also regarding the fundraising in the aftermath of the incident in October 2015, which itself was started by one of our valued customer, Matthew, from Purple Property, the total collection including my own contribution came to £624. This was as you quite rightly pointed out donated to Bolton Hospice.

Thank you again for all your support.

Musa Patel

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