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Thousands of Royal Mail workers back campaign for better pay

07 Nov 2017, 17:16 ... etter-pay/

Thousands of Royal Mail workers showed their support for better pay by holding gate meetings outside their branches in the wake of possible strike action.

More than 89 per cent of CWU Union members have voted to strike if better terms and conditions are not reached for pay and pensions.

The '89.1% and Proud Day', saw branches across the Midlands hold the meetings outside their gates this morning.

It comes as a meeting was set to be held in London with senior management from Royal Mail and senior officers from CWU, during an ongoing mediation period.

Pictures displayed on Twitter showed staff from Royal Mail branches in Dudley, Stourbridge, Wednesbury, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Kidderminster stand united backing their union with flags and posters.

Workers gather in Dudley

Workers gather in Tipton

Workers gather in Walsall

Dave Jones, branch secretary from Wolverhampton, said that is showed that overall staff were unhappy with the pathway Royal Mail had chosen.

He explained: "Branches have been holding the gate meetings regarding the dispute between Royal Mail and CWU about pay and pensions, terms and conditions.

"Over 1000 postal staff have taken part today while a meeting will take place in London with the terms and conditions over postal workers. It has been going on for over 18 months and they are in mediation today and they are trying to come to some resolution.

"89.1% have voted yes for a strike if things aren't resolved. Ultimately, CWU don't want to take this action, but staff are unhappy about the pathway CWU have taken.

"The ideas of gate meetings were to show that the staff still back the union."

Every single office in the UK was asked to hold a gate meeting.

An update was given to members on the dispute as well as a thank you for their support.

In a statment issued by CWU on social media, it read: "On Tuesday November 7 we will be launching another massive day of activity for our #FourPillars campaign.

"We will be celebrating an '89.1% and Proud Day' recognising the tremendous support that you our members have given this union.

"We will be sending out all the supporting materials by the end of the week. It is another opportunity for us to show our strength during the mediation period – get involved next Tuesday and share your meeting photos with us. #TheCWU #RiseUp"

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