Gate Meeting

11 Sep 2017, 17:19

Following a gate meeting today it was implied “in discussions” that the Agenda for growth Agreement was hindering “progress” by Royal Mail. Would I be correct in assuming this is part of what was meant. i.e. The company could outsource.

Edited from the Agenda for growth Agreement;

10.4 The Company shall be entitled to notify the CWU at any time that any or all of
the Protections will no longer continue, if any of the following exceptional
circumstances apply:

10.4.5 if there is national-scale industrial action (in the form of a strike or
action short of a strike) which has been authorised at national level by
the CWU, namely industrial action which either (i) involves Employees
in the majority of operational workplaces across the Company; or (ii)
involves Employees in an integral part of the operation whereby taking
action will have, or is reasonably likely to have, a similarly disruptive


3.1 The Company gives the following undertakings as an ongoing commitment to
the CWU subject to clauses 4 (Exceptions) to 7 (Review Outcomes) and 10

3.1.1 The Company will remain a provider of the end to end service namely
the collection, transportation, sorting and delivery of letters and

3.1.2 The Company will not outsource, sell or transfer to a company outside
of the Royal Mail Group any part of its business if to do so would
result in any Employee being subject to the automatic transfer
provisions of TUPE. This means that business functions, including but
not limited to, Parcelforce Worldwide, Royal Mail: Delivery,
Processing, Network, Collections, Engineering, Fleet & Maintenance
Services, Royal Mail Specialist Services, Manual Data Entry Centres,
Mail Screeners, Human Resources, Finance and Information
Technology functions and Customer Experience continue to operate as
part of the Royal Mail Group.

3.1.3 The Company will not franchise out any part of its business, where to
do so involves entering into any contractual arrangement with another
person or company to carry out the collection, transportation, sorting
and delivery of letters and parcels on behalf of the Company and that
results in an Employee becoming self-employed or employed by such a
third party. The exception to this is the use in Parcelforce Worldwide
of owner drivers in the proportions provided for by the Mixed
Resourcing Agreement and Depot Blueprint Agreements.

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