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cutting out deliveries?

26 Sep 2020, 10:22

hi, is there anyone from colchester or other towns that have this ongoing issue?

we currently get mail mainly on mon & tues but then nothing wed, thurs, fri and sat. sometimes we get mail wed-sat but it hasn't happened a lot recently.

is there some reason for this? (apart from lack of staff) i'll probably get a big pile of post either mon or tues as it's like they've saved it all up for delivery in one go, then it'll happen again, nothing again for the rest of the week.

cutting out deliveries?

26 Sep 2020, 10:55

Like every other business at the moment we are struggling with the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic both in terms of sick absence and the effects of social distancing.

We would hope that our customers would understand that we are doing our best to maintain as full a service as possible while also trying to keep our colleagues safe. It is obviously possible that on some days there may just be no staff available to deliver your mail but it's not from lack of effort from the posties themselves.

cutting out deliveries?

26 Sep 2020, 11:58

Drahcir wrote:hi, is there anyone from colchester or other towns that have this ongoing issue?

Its happening all over the UK for the same reasons COVID, sickness absence, social distancing in work, and to be honest exhaustion. Social distancing has meant for example no more having 2 posties delivering from a single van, this in itself has had a huge impact. Even the regulator has acknowledged this and has eased the Universal Service Obligation in part to allow Royal Mail to cope. Put simply there are not enough posties or resources to deliver what's coming through.

We've been doing our best for the last 6 months but with more parcels, less posties we aren't going to be perfect. We were seen as one of the Essential Jobs so most have been going at this since the start.

Sadly also at least 5, and probably more, posties have died since the pandemic started.

Check out the News section for stories from all over the country, its not an isolated problem.

Hopefully once the pandemic is over we will get back on track.

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