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Thank you gift for postie

19 Sep 2020, 11:26

Hi All,

I hope this doesn’t seem weird but I wanted to ask on here to check.

Basically our postman has been working continuously since the start of lockdown. I’m sure this is true of many, and obviously other industries, but I haven’t seen much media pointing out that that delivery things have actually just continued like clockwork and have meant as much as it’s sucked, lockdown hasn’t half been more normal and possible because of it.

We wanted to give our postman some sort of meaningful thankyou gift - which realistically would be some cash as I can’t think of a good thing for someone we don’t actually know which would be better!

So my questions if anyone was kind enough to answer (and I know everyone is different and post people aren’t some strange collective!)
Is this a weird thing to do? Would you think it odd?
Would a thank you card and some money be appreciated or seem somehow patronising?
We were thinking a few hundred quid......

Any opinions would be very welcome!

Thank you gift for postie

19 Sep 2020, 13:38

The postie will be embarrassed but that's human nature.

It will be appreciated and if its group of residents clubbing together it will also make a good local story for a Newspaper/local TV.

There are legal issues over paying a postie money and then expecting "favours" down the line, but if you are careful this probably won't even be a problem. More of a warning really.

Thank you gift for postie

20 Sep 2020, 02:15

It's perfectly normal, but a couple of hundred quid is too much.

I've had a pack of bottles of pop, a four pack of beer, and now and again I get a cup of coffee and the nicest scone you could imagine, and it really perks up my day.

I think he'd be happy with a thank you card and a tenner or 20 and tell him to have a couple of pints over the weekend, he's earned it.

Thank you gift for postie

21 Sep 2020, 11:53

Thanks very much for the response both - not a whole street thing and def don’t want to be in the paper thanks :)

Will do card and smaller amount of cash. I’d assumed giving an item would be seen as a bit of a pain when you’re already carrying so much!

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